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Best Custom ROM for MicroMax A110

There are many Custom ROM’S out there, some of them are major high tech and some of them are not even properly known. In this article we are going to describe one of best ROMS out there for MicroMax A110 because installing the best rom is also a heavy task for a daily user of that device. If you want some of the best room’s out there for your MicroMax A110 then follow the instructions below and you will have one of the best one out there.

There are two types of Custom ROM’S out there:


2: JB 4.1.X BASED.

We are now going to describe the top three room’s of each type.


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1: Radeon Rom by Acervenky.

This ICS based room for MicroMAX is one of the best rom out there; it provides many features which the stock rom users cannot even think about. It provides Xperia launcher with many of the great preferences and the great thing about it is that you can apply the theme you like the most, it gives you many other options also which is great. There are many new tweaks which when installed gives out the features of new software’s which are not even released yet.

You can download this custom rom from here, .

2: DZire Rom by DanceOFF:

Thisis the 2nd top ICS based ROM which gives out many great features which some of the best tweaks even can’t give out. It has improved battery life. It works with the rooted version and is rooted it self. It modifies the Smartphone in the ROOT way like the rot modifies the Smartphone. This is called to be the Sony bravia engine as it gives out the performance benchmark results of the bra via engine on the micromax devices. It also changes the theme and style of the display; it even changes the BOOT logo.

3: CreamDream™ THUNDER:

This is the third top Custom rom, it does not provide bravia engine or the themed display but improves the battery life and the power performance of the MicroMax A110 so that the device can be used based on more power than the other devices.

JB 4.1.x BASED:

1: LEWA OS V13.03.08 JB 4.1.2:

This is the Top of this type of Custom ROM because it gives out many features, like changing the themes of the display and changes the boot log; you can modify the ram of the MicroMax A110 and also make changes in the storage. This completely modifies the device, and root is needed for this to work.

2: Microfire Romby:           

This custom rom features the benchmark result of some major high tech devices, root is also very important for this rom, although this can work for the MicroMax A110 without the root but with the root it gives much great performance than the usual device can give.

3: CanXperia ROM V1:

This also gives out the bravia engine features like the previous roms, but it comes on the third number because it does not give out the best benchmark result then the above custom ROMs.

How to Install MiUi Custom ROM on Micromax Canvas 2 A110

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