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Camera is Not Working on WhatsApp Web

In this article we are going to give out the solutions and describe why the camera sometimes stops working on whatsapp web. Now a days people use whatsapp web a lot which means that everything should be fine in order for them to be at ease because people now a days do not use the features which disturb then afterwards so we here in this article are going to show you the ways of solving this camera issue as it is an important one.

Follow Instructions below to Solve WhatsApp Web Camera Problem

Without the camera you will not be able to scan the QR code which means you will not be able to use the WhatsApp Web unless the camera works fine.

Camera is Not Working on WhatsApp Web

1: When the error appears, make sure to restart the application because sometimes there comes an error in the application or a kind of bug which can be resolved by just restarting the application. As you restart the application the bug goes away because restarting the application by first force stopping it can kill the bugs in the process.

2: Sometimes the bug or the error can also be attached to a thread or a file which means that you will have to kill / delete all the files as some of the files might be effected which is causing the camera not to work, so reset the application which means delete all the application files and the files received from this application in the form of a thread or a message or even a picture.

3: Download a different camera application from the play store, download whichever one you like and install it on your device and make sure to set it as a default application because without setting it as a default application it will not start as a default application, so after making it a default one it will open when you open the WhatsApp Web, sometimes there might be a fault in the genuine camera application, so by downloading this other one can solve your issue.

4: If all the above steps do not solve your issue then the last one is to reset your device because there might be a problem in the camera itself, which sometimes by resetting the device goes away so make sure that you make a complete backup of your device before resetting it because if you do not make a backup you will lose everything in your device which would be really annoying afterwards so make a complete backup of your device and then reset it so that the problem might fix itself.

In this article we gave you some of the ideas on how you can solve the camera application not opening issue because without that you will not be able to run the WHATSAPP WEB VIDEO Calling.

If you have any questions regarding camera problem on whatsapp web then leave your comments below and we will try to reply to your answers as soon as possible.


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