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Download and Install Oxygen-OS 5.1.6 for One-Plus 6

One plus 6 is the newer version of one plus 5 and one plus 5T. It is way better than the older versions, everything is updates and it excels in power. Everyone has always been a fan of the One plus devices and it has always impressed us by its power. Most phones’ lag during multiple tasks but one plus is very famous for its power and speed.

The newer version of the software has been released by One Plus Company and its called Oxygen-OS 5.1.6; if you have not rooted your One-Plus 6 then you will get this update in the settings but if you have rooted then follow the instructions below:


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Steps to install the update:

Precautions to Download and Install Oxygen-OS 5.1.6 for One-Plus 6

1: Make a complete backup of your One-Plus 6 and save it on your personal computer, as if anything happens to your device while updating, you would still be able to recover the data afterwards because it would be saved on your computer in the form of backup.

2: Charge your smartphone’s battery above the usual 50 percent level because the battery should be charged as if your One-Plus 6 android smart phone turns of during the process you will brick your device which will cost you a lot so it is better to make some time and charge it before you start with the process.

3: Disable / Deactivate all the antivirus programs because they interrupt in the process and you will be continuously disturb during the process.

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Steps to install the Oxygen-OS:

1: Download the following package from this site, and place it on your computer.

2: Connect your smartphone to the computer by using an original cable as only the original cables are good for the this purpose because they do not disconnect while processing,

3: Transfer the file that you download to the internal memory of your smartphone.

4: Open the settings of your smartphone from the menu bar or from the notification bar.

5: Scroll down and search for system updates, when found click on it.

6: Inside the System Updates, click on Settings icon and click on Local upgrade and then select the file that you downloaded from the site in step 1 and transferred into the smartphone in step 3.

7: If asked, select the UPGRADE NOW option. This will start the upgrade process and it may take time.

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The One-Plus 6 smart phone is pretty powerful so it may take time to consume the whole process. The upgrade file is also very large, it also may take time to transfer into the computer so be patient and let the work be done.

Make sure that you have read the requirements / precautions before going through the process as they are very important.

If you have any kind of questions regarding this process then leave a comment below.


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