Download Asus Zenfone Flash Tool (All Versions)

Here you can download Asus Zenfone Flash Tool All Versions old to latest, This flash tool is specially made for ASUS android smartphone mobiles, It is especially used for flashing the stock firmware’s on android phones. Any phone out there sometimes gets bricked when you experiment something on like rooting and other stuff. When the phone gets bricked there is only one way of solving this issue, you can flash the software and if the issue goes away, just for this purpose Asus made its own software tool for flashing the firmware’s on any of the ASUS Zenfone devices. There are different versions of this software tool from which you can select one to download, and we always recommend to download the latest version.

Following are the features of this software tool:

Download Asus Zenfone Flash Tool

Flash Firmware through Zenfone Flash Tool

You can flash the firmwares with this software tool because sometimes there comes an error in the device which can only be removed by flashing the software of it and for this purpose Asus made its own flashing tool and it can be used for the flashing process only on Asus phones.

Backing-up Apps

Asus Zenfone Flash tool allows you to make a backup of all your apps and save them on the computer but does not makes a backup of the data in the applications. Apps are saved so if you lose your device or something happens to it you don’t need to download them again, you can just restore the apps from the computer into the phones.

Backup System Apps

This feature of the ASUS zenfone flash tool allows you to make a backup of the pre-installed applications in your device so if you need to restore the pre-installed applications you can do that by restoring the backup on your device.

Restore Backup through Zenfone Flash Tool

This option in the ASUS flashing tool allows us to restore the backups which we made onto our computers. We can restore application backup, the pre-installed applications backup and many more backup that we would have created.

Compatibility of this software tool:  This Software tool launched by ASUS is almost compatible with all of the latest versions of the windows, like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If you don’t know how to use this software tool and want to learn about it then you can watch the following video to learn how to use this software Asus Zenfone Flash Tool.

You also need to install ASUS original USB drivers for the software tool to connect to you ASUS device and you can download the latest version of them from here > Download Asus USB Drivers

Download Asus Zenfone Flash Tool All Versions

Old to Latest

You can download the Asus Zenfone Flash Tool from the following links. There are different versions of it and every link is given below:









If you have any questions about this software tool, comment it in the comments section.


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