Download Free RDA IMEI Tool Latest Version

So in this post we will tell you that how you can change your IMEI of mobile phone for RBI chipset based devices,

So on this page we are providing you RDA IMEI changer tool you can download it’s all versions from here it will change the IMEI number of your Smartphone, tablet or any devices that based on RBI chipset.

Features of RDA IMEI Tool

Download RDA IMEI Tool

Change IMEI Code: if you have any RDA Smartphone or any device of this chipset then it can change the IMEI number of that device, you can use it for dual sim and single SIM both devices.

Write LCD Name: you can also re-write the LCD names on your phones through this software, you can also choose MCU, RGB and DSI etc while changing the name of LCD.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mac Address: you can also write the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Mac addresses buy this RBI tool so if you like any number then you can put that number as your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth MAC address on your devices.

Write MBSN Numbers: you can also write the MBSN number on your device easily, this tool also allows you to change the MBSN number of any device based on its chipset you can easily write the MBSN number on a text file and you will load it on the device with this application.

Write PSN Numbers: you can also write the PSN number on devices by this application tool so you can easily put BDSM number on your devices manually, no need any lengthy procedure or steps and you can also put it through text file.

Important Information

Compatible: This application tool is compatible with windows computers; you can use it with almost any windows system like windows 7, windows vista, windows XP, windows 8.1, windows 10 etc. If you are using mac, linux or any other system then do not download this app because it will not work for you.

Caution: Changing IMEI number is illegal in some countries and states so if this process is illegal in your country then we don’t suggest you to download this RDA tool and do not use it to change your IMEI number because you can get trouble even you download and use this system then you will responsible for that process.

how to check your IMEI number of your mobile phone or tablet or any device: I am telling here this method because some people do not know that how to check the IMEI codes of their mobile phones or any devices so it is very easy process just dial *#06# from your Smartphone and it will show the code of your cell phone.

Download RDA IMEI Tool (Latest to Old)

Developers of this tool have released three versions of this software so I am providing all three versions latest and old because some people want to use old version then they can also download, but we will recommend you to use the latest version of this software application, so please download this tool from the links below and share our website with your social friends on your social pages, thank you.





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