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KingRoot is the most advanced and easy software that helps the users to root any of the smart mobile contain Android system on just one click and there are no more tension or long procedure to run the application and get into working mode of the tool as well.

Nowadays the mobile phones became very trendy and it is used a fashion as well in the society. Many of the people around the world use many of the application on the smart phones that really help them out in their business and common life as well. In the devices there are many of the apps that are made for the everyday use of the people and the people can easily download all these apps from the Google Play Services or from any other mean using the internet.

KingRoot Rooting Tool Download

In the world there are many of the people that produce the application relevant to the people’s need in the life. Many of the smart phones have the latest features built in and however there are few types of the application that requires highly configuration and the latest system to be installed and to work properly as well.

Why We Need to Root our Device

All of the smart phone that run Android system needs to be updated with the latest version of the android and then it should be properly rooted as well for the best use of the application and high quality games as well. There are many of the software in the market available to root any of the mobile phone and to get the best configuration all along with running application system on the device as well.

Features of the KingRoot Application:

  • The KingRoot Application allows the user to root their smart phones in just a click when their smart phone is connected to the system of the KingRoot tool.
  • This utility tool is available in the APK file so it is very easy to install the application just like other applications and get the mobile root using the KingRoot utility tool in seconds very easily.
  • This rooting utility tool is an android app that works without any internet connectivity or internet connection to work and this is the main thing in this app that is working without internet on your smart phone. In many other applications s when you start rooting smart phone they require a secure internet connection to start the process and KingRoot Application works without any internet connection as well.
  • The KingRoot is available in many versions in the internet and it is very easy to download and to get your android mobile root as well.
  • This software never requires a special training to root your smart phone or guidelines before rooting your device just easily connect your smart phone and click the root button to start the process.
  • Through the KingRoot application you can easily replace the KingUser with the most advanced SuperSU and it is very easy to work as well.
  • The users of the smart phone should also learn the un-root process of the smart phones if they requires an unrooted android handset in some occasions.
  • This rooting utility tool is well liked among the people of the world because this is an tool that has no data loss and the system will remain the same and none of the personal data of the users will be replaced or deleted by the root process and the smart phone will remain the same as you are using before the root process in the real.

Download KingRoot Application

Old to New, You will find the latest version below (at the End).

Version 4.1.0 5-21
Version 4.1.0 7-03 Version 4.5.0 5-22
Version 4.5.0 9-02 Version 4.5.2 9-28 Version 4.6 11-13
 Version 4.6 11-23  KingRoot V4.6.2_11-24  KingRoot V4.6.2 12-11
v4.8.0 2016 01-21  v4.8.0 2016 02-03  v4.8.1 2016 02-29
 v4.8.2 2016 03-09 v4.8.5 2016 03-30 v4.9.0 2016 04-21
 v4.9.0 2016 05-09  v4.9.2 2016 05-12  v4.9.2 2016 06-03
 v4.9.3 2016 06-06  v4.9.3 2016 06-14  v4.9.5 2016 07-05
 v4.9.5 2016 07-26  v4.9.5 2016 07-28  v4.9.6 2016 08-03
 v4.9.6 2016 08-26  v4.9.6 2016 08-30  v4.9.6 2016 09-02
 v4.9.6 2016 09-06  v4.9.6 2016 09-18  v4.9.6 2016 09-28
 v4.9.7 2016 10-18  v4.9.7 2016 10-25 v4.9.7 2016 11-08
v4.9.7 2016 11-11  v4.9.7 2016 11-14 v5.0.0 2016 11-16
 v5.0.0 2016 11-23  v5.0.1 2016 12-25 v5.0.2 2017 01-13
v5.0.3 v5.0.4 v5.0.5
v5.0.6 v5.1.0 v5.1.2
v5.2.0 v5.20 v5.2.1
 v5.2.2 v5.3.0  v5.3.2
 v5.3.3 v5.3.5 (Latest Version)

Keep in mind that the warranty of your smart phone will be void if you root your smart phone so be aware of this whenever you start the root process of any of the smart phone. There are few other application as well that work as an alternative of the KingRoot rooting utility tool like iRoot Mobile and Root Genius Mobile also available on the internet.


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