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Download MIUI Global Stable ROM Redmi Note 4 and 4x

Redmi has released many other devices with much more high specifications but its note 4 and note 4x is better than other versions, it has stable specifications, not that high, not that low. The phone gives out a lot of power and has stock rom installed which is stable for the redmi note 4 and note 4x but note 4 and note 4x has released the Global Stable ROM which is way better than the previous rom and you would have received the update in the settings if your device is not rooted but if it is then follow the below instructions:


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Steps to Download MIUI Global Stable ROM Redmi Note 4 and 4x


Download MIUI Global Stable ROM Redmi Note 4 and 4x

1: Charge your battery above the 50 percent level, because the device should not turn off during the process and if it does you will lose everything which is going to cost you a lot afterwards so play safe and charge your battery first because it is precautionary.

2: Make a complete backup of your device and transfer it to your personal computer as it will be safe there, this is also because of precautionary reasons as if your device gets bricked you would still be able to recover the data because it would be saved on your device.

Steps to install the Recovery in Redmi Note 4 and 4x

1: Download the following ROM file, Click here to Download ROM File and save the zip file on your desktop of your computer.

2: Turn your device off and turn it on into the fast-boot mode by pressing and holding the VOLUME UP and HOME BUTTON and POWER BUTTON at the same time, continuously.

3: Extract the ZIP file which you have downloaded and placed on the desktop, open the file and copy the path of the file on your computer.

4: Pate the address bar of the ROM file and click on the yellow button which will refresh the working, then click on the RED button to flash the ROM file.

5: The flashing process has now been started and will take time to complete so stay patient and wait for a while to let it complete.

6: When the process has been completed, it will show a green light.

Green light means that the process has been completed and Global stable ROM has been installed in your device.

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Now that the ROM is installed in your device, you can enjoy the new options, if it is still not installed due to some reason and the green light did not show, then repeat the process and paste the file of ROM again and restart the process, due to some reasons there are many errors which do not the device update in the first try, so do it again the whole process.

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If you want to ask any questions, then leave a comment below and we will try to respond as soon as possible.


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