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MTK Droid Tool is also a very good tool for all those people that are interested in the software of the smart phones or deals to repair the smart phones of the people. This is a small tool that has many works and it can be used for many different purposes as well in the mobiles. MTK Droid can be used to root any of the smart phones and make it able to run any of the high quality application and games as well as it can be used to make the scatter file for the mediate device as well.

The phones have become the most useful and the great well liked instrument in the world and there are many of the people in the world that has mobile repairing tasks in the world. Sometimes the smart phones have many of the problems regarding their android system or any other that needs to have professionally trained technicians to correct that problem and solve them as well.

MTK Droid can also be used to take the backup of the stock firmware for your smart phone and many more as well. Here we simply listed some of the main features of this application for our special users and we hope that all of the users will find it very good.

Features of the MTK Droid Tool

  • The most main work of the MTK Droid is to root any of the phones and the Tool provides a very easy way to root any device, to root any of the phone just enable USB Debugging mode in the device and easily connect it to the software and simply click on the root in this app to start the process of rooting.
  • The MTK Droid is a very great tool that allows the users to take the backup of the stock firmware and easily store it on your device and also for the restore mode.
  • This is also the best to take the backup of the firmware for the mediate device and to store the stock firmware as well.
  • This Rooting software allows the users to create a scatter file that works in the flashing of the smart phone and also to flash the mediate firmware or device.
  • This is also best to write IMEI on any of the phone and it can backup it as well as it supports many other chipsets.

The MTK Droid is now available in many of the versions on the internet and it can be found easily as well through internet. This is specially built for the Mediatek devices and can’t work properly on the other chipset correctly. Keep in mind that it contains a Malware file but it isn’t harmful for the computer or the smart phone it can only work in the root process of the smart phone.

Be aware if you have any of the antiviruses installed in the computer or smart phone it will be deleted by the antivirus and then the rooting process of the phone won’t run correctly. Keep in mind that if you root any of the smart phone the warranty of the phone will be ended so be much careful before starting the rooting process of any of the smart phone all the times. This rooting utility is made by the Mediatek Inc and the total credit of the software goes to the Mediatek for creating a very useful tool for the phones.

This rooting utility app in available in many of the version with some of the updates and changes in the system to make the tool work better for the users and the users can get all benefits from the MTK Droid very easily.

Download MTK Droid Tool Oldest to Latest

V 2.2.9 V 2.3.4 V 2.3.4 (removed) V 2.4.7
V 2.4.8 Removed V 2.5.0 V 2.5.0
V 2.5.0 V 2.5.2
 V 2.5.3

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