Download MTK Extractor (All Versions) Free

Download MTK Extractor tool all versions free of cost from this page and we will also tell you that how to use this great tool from your computer or laptop. MTK extractor is portable software/application which is used to extract the information of system.img and of any firmware running in your mobile phone.

System.img is the android file system;it has all the support files which the android needs for proper working of the firmware and framework. The file is the file that contains some kind of computer data in it, every file has different kind of computer data and we cannot see it unless we open it.

It is the most common file system in the whole computer. In this article we are going to give a brief description on MTK extractor and its features also how to download it.

Following are the features of the MTK Extractor:

1: Portable Application/Software;

This means that you don’t need to install the software on your computers, you can just click on the exe file to run the program and the program will open itself without first installing it on the computer.

2: IMG Extractor:

This feature is the main feature of MTK Extractor tool which allows you to extract the system.img and files which contains the computer data. You can simply click on the browser button and lick on the start button after selecting the file to start the extracting procedure.

3: Build Firmware:

When you extract the system.img and other files, after doing the modifications you extracted it for you always need to pack it up again and for doing that this feature is used. It re-packs the extracted file in to original looking file like nothing was ever extracted. This feature is very useful.

4: Unpack boot and re-pack boot.img:

This feature is very useful as it allows us to first extract the boot.img files and after doing the modifications we wanted to, we can repack it with this same feature, no need to find other software/tools to repack it. You can first extract and then re-pack with this same tool.

5: Unpack and re-pack recovery.img:

Just like in the 4th feature, this feature also can pack and repack the file; just the difference is that this does its work on recovery files. It is understood that the MTK Extractor tool can extract the stuff and after the modifications, it can re-pack it too without any issues.

Download MTK Extractor Tool All Versions

There are different versions of MTK Extractor; Links to different versions are given below for free download:

Download 2.2

Download 2.2

Download 2.2

Download 2.2

Download 2.2 Latest Version


This software, extracting tool is compatible with every latest window and can be used on it like, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10.

How to Use MTK Extractor

If you downloaded this software and want to extract the files, but don’t know how to then follow the following link and learn how to use this extracting tool, the just watch the video below, in this video clip we have guided that how to use MTK Extractor.


This famous extracting tool was launched by Mr. Le Hou, and all the credit goes to him for launching such an awesome product.

If you have any questions about this article or about the extracting tool, then comment in the comments section and we will try to reply you very soon.

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