Download Nokia X Manager (All Versions)

Hello guys, welcome to today in this post we are going to provide you Nokia X manager small application for computers, it allows multiple tasks on the Nokia X series smart phones like XL, X Plus and X etc, You can do root and unroot, TWRP installation, CWM recovery, Stock recovery, ADB tasks like Shell, APK, Push, Pull etc, you can also install Gapps and ADB drivers through this small and easy application Nokia X Manager.

Here in this post you can download the all (old and latest) versions of this software, at this time it has 2 versions and we have published both here, if the developer release the new version in future then we will add it here as soon as we can.

download nokia x manager

Know more about Nokia X Manager Features

This app is not complicated like other suites and manager, it is so simple and easy, and you can do any task easily with just some simple commands, you can do any command by pressing buttons, it has buttons for all ADB commands like reboot bootloader, reboot recovery, device detection etc.

How to Install Recovery: by using this smart app you can easily install recovery (CWM or TWRP) with just 2-3 clicks on your X series smart phones like Nokia XL, X, X Plus etc, you can also install the stock recovery also by this application.

How to Root or Unroot your Nokia X / XL

By using this Nokia X manager application you can Root or unroot your device very fast with very simple method, you have need to just 1 click on your computer.

  • Simply connect your device with your computer.
  • Install ADB drivers of your device in your computer, if you have already installed the drivers then skip this step.
  • Just click on Root button in the application and wait for a few seconds and your mobile phone will be rooted successfully, and the same method for unroot, just click on Unroot.

ADB Commands

You can give ADB commands easily with just buttons, so you can install any app for ADB push and pull commands.

How to install Gapps

Nokia X Manager is also allow you to install Gapps on your X series smart phones, you can also install Google chrome, Play store etc with Gapps. So if you want to install Gapps then just root your device first and then download any Gapps package and install it on your mobile phone.

Download V.

Download V.

Compatibility: this application is just for windows only; it is compatible with windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 and you can use it with 32-bit and 64-bith both operating systems.

USB Drivers: you can download the original USB drivers for Nokia X, XL, X Plus, X2 then you can download from this link.

Credits: All credits goes to Angsanely XDA developer, this useful application has been created by him and all the credits goes to him that he made it for this users of Nokia.

If you have any problem in downloading this application or you are facing any issues in this app then you can contact us via comments below, you can also leave your suggestions also in the comments box bleow.


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