Download Qualcomm SW Downloader All Versions

Here in this post you can download Qualcomm SW Downloader all versions old to new and this application is a tool made/manufactured by QUALCOMM itself for flashing the stock firmware’s on the any of the QUALCOMM phone, Tablet.

This is a very useful software tool as sometimes we need to flash the stock firmware to a new on or a different one and we keep thinking what software to use; Qualcomm introduced its own software so the users of this board don’t have to worry about this thing anymore. Whenever you need to change the stock firmware you can just download the Qualcomm SW Downloader any version and let it do the other work.

Download Qualcomm SW Downloader All Versions

Download Version 4.2 (Latest)

Developers has released only this version, so when they will release another versions of this tool, we will post the download links here instantly.

download qualcomm sw downloader all versions

There are many features of this software tool, some of them are written below:

1: Supports Multiple Chipset:

SW Downloader supports multiple chipsets of QUALCOMM since there are many of them, majority of them are supported by this software/flash tool.

2: NAV Restore:

SW Downloader allows you to even restore multiple NAV files that are in the phone. It also allows you to make a backup of them if needed.

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3: Select file to flash:

This feature of SW Downloader is very useful because sometimes we know where the error is and don’t want to flash the whole software. By this feature we can select the file in which the error has occurred and just flash that. Like if we want to flash the recovery file, in the settings menu we will select the recovery file and flash that and it will be restored to its factory default settings and this can be done to other files too.

4: Other Main Features:

There are many other features feature which are very useful for us. Some of them are Memory Dump, Flashing and restoring the EFS file, the EFS file contains all the MEID numbers and IMERI number, Serial numbers and much more information.

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This Software SW Downloader flashing tool is compatible with all the latest windows, like Window vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

If you want to know how to use this software tool then you can read the following article, here everything is written in detail that how to flash the stock firmware by the following tools. The link on the guide on how to use this software tool is given below:

How to use Qualcomm SW Downloader


This tool is created and manufactured by the WaterWorld D12, all of the credit goes to them for creating a tool that lets us flashing the files which we need/want to without flashing the whole software.

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If you have any questions in mind about this article or about the feature of this article or any complaint about this article then comment below in the comments section and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.


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