Download Root Checker APK Application Free

Here you can download Root Checker application APK file that will show you that your android smartphone has been rooted successfully or not, and you can check or verify that do you have root permission or not. Here you can download the latest versions only of these android applications so you will get the accurate results only.

When you will root your device by following any online tutorial or website then at the end you will read that verify your rooting access though the Root checker application, and here on this page you will get the best rooting access checking tools APKs applications (advance and simple apps) free of cost. Because many times it happens that rooting application or tool give you message that your android smart phone has been rooted successfully but actually your device does not get any special permission so the applications on this page will help you to know that is you device has rooting permission or not.

All the apps links are going to Google play store; we don’t recommend you applications installation from unknown sources, so here on this page you will get all the applications from Google play store directly.

So now select the rooting application from below and download it directly to your smart phone from Google play store.

download root checker apk application free

No#1 JoeyKrim Root Checker Tool (Free)

At this time in the free applications this “JoeyKrims Root Checking tool” is on the top and having number 1 ranking in Google play store. All the big developers and users use this application to verify the status of permission on their android smart phones. This application has really simple interface and the new users can also run it easily. If you get any problem then you can directly contact them through email conversation, you can send email to JoeyKrim by this contact form page of their website >

To download this checker application on your android smart phone just click on green “Install” button below!

JoeyKrim Root CheckerRatting and Review: This app has very good ratting (4.2 in 2018) in Google play store, and users of this app admired in their reviews as you can see below.

Keep Remember that application contains ads, so if your internet connection is activated on your smart phone then you can see the advertisements, and sometimes you have need to skip the advertisements manually.

JoeyKrim Root Checker Reviews

No#2 Neeraj Bansal’s Root Checker Tool (Free)

On the number 2, we will rank the Neeraj Bansal’s permission checker application, because of its simplicity, good layout and design, and its speed. It will give you all the build info details like Bootloader, brand, CPU, Hardware, Product, Model, Code Name, Type, Release Dates etc.

I have used this free application (APK) tool personally and found it very useful and good, and the application size is small from other rooting access checker apps, so if you have an old android smart phone, low speed or low RAM android smart phones then you can download and install this Neeraj Bansal’s application tool and check you devices easily.

To download this checker application on your android smart phone just click on green “Install” button below!

Neeraj Bansal’s Root CheckerRatting and Review: This apps has very good ratting and reviews on Google Play store, in the year of 2018 it has 4.5 ratting, and the users of this application leave the good comments and reviews about this Neeraj Bansal’s (APK) app.

Neeraj Bansal’s Root Checker Tool Reviews

9X Works – Root Checker Pro (Paid) Price $0.99

It is also a light weight apps to check the rooting permission on your device, but it is paid, you can buy it in just $0.99 one time fees. This app will give you the full accurate data of all permissions, it will tell you the root permission, super user, busy box, board, bootloader, brand, CPU, display and path information also. If you get any problem using this application then you can contact them through email >

To download this checker application on your android smart phone just click on green “RS 110 Buy” button below!

Root Checker Pro

Ratting and Review: This root checker pro app has 4.5 ratting in Google play store in the year of 2018, and it has near about 250 good reviews and comments, as you can read below!

Root Checker Pro Ratting

How to use Root Checker Application


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