Download Root Genius APK for Mobiles

Hello guys, today we are sharing one more powerful and latest tool of that can root your device easily with just simple one click, and in this method you have not need for the computer or PC, so guys the name of this famous rooting process tool / application is Root Genius, and here on this post of AndroidRoot.XYZ you can download its latest and old all versions APK for the installation in your android smart phone, so just choose the version of this application tool that you want to install in your smart phone and click on it to download the APK file.

Keep in Mind before Start

  • If you root your device with this app or with any other tool the warranty of your android smart phone will be voided and you cannot claim its official warranty.
  • This process will not remove your data of phone, but if happens then AndroidRoot.XYZ is not responsible for any kind of data loss or device damage, only you will be responsible for everything.

Root Genius Rooting Tool Features

Data Loss: if you use this application tool for the rooting process of your android smart then you have no need to afraid about data loss, because this app will not delete or remove your personal or mobile’s data, so guys use this app without any hesitation.

Same tool for Computer: Yes, you can use its computer version also, if you do not want to root your device without PC or computer then the developers of this tool have given another option, you can download the PC version of this application and install it on your windows computer to root your android smart phone, but in this post we have just uploaded the APK versions for mobile, in our next post you can find its PC / computer version setup to download free of cost.

download root genius apk

Easy Simple & Fast: The use of this app and the process is so much simple and easy as well as fast also, you can start and end the root process with just 1 click in very short time like 1 to 2 minutes only.

Internet Connection: if you use iRoot or other any app then you will need an active internet connection but tin this Root Genius application you have not need active internet connection that’s means you can root your device without any computer and without internet also.

Download Root Genius APK for Mobile Latest

V1.0.21 V1.0.22 V1.0.23 V1.1.33
V1.3.47 V1.3.48 V1.4.51 V1.4.55
V1.6.64 V1.6.69    

The version V1.6.69 is the latest version of this root genius application tool at this time, when the developers will release any other latest version we will upload and update here, so you can download always updated, latest and bug-free versions of this rooting app from here.

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