Download Vivo Phone Assistant

Here on this page you can download Vivo Phone Assistant tool’s all versions, that is the official software of vivo phones, It is used to transfer data, make backups. Transfer picture, music, contacts. This software allows us to easily transfer the data between the computer and mobile phone, and sync the data between them.

There are many features of this software tool; some of them are listed/discussed below:

download vivo phone assistant

1: App Manager:

This tool of the vivo phone assistant is used for easily transferring the applications between the computer and PC. We can delete the applications that we don’t like from our PC. It also allows us to install the applications on the mobile that cannot be downloaded in the mobile directly.

2: Picture Manager:

Picture Manager of vivo phone assistant allows us to transfer the picture either from computer to mobile or from mobile to computer. It allows us to delete the picture straight from the computer. It can also create a backup of the pictures in case of data-loss. The picture manager keeps all of your pictures safe once it has synced the pictures.

3: Contacts Manager:

Contacts Manager of Vivo Phone Assistant manages all of the contacts of your device. It makes a backup of all our contacts and keeps it in the computer. We can also manage the contacts directly from the computer, like we can delete the one’s we don’t need directly from the computer and don’t need the device for deleting them. The contacts manager is very useful.

4: Messages Manager:

This feature of Vivo Phone Assistant tool allows you to delete all the messages with a single click, like when we want to delete multiple messages from our device we need to delete them one by one but from messages manager we can delete them by a single click and don’t need to waste our time. It also keeps the records of all our messages. Like even when we delete them it is still saved in messages manager because sometimes we delete a message by mistake, this is the best feature of messages manager.

5: Calendar Manager:

This feature allows you to create new activities directly from the computer. It allows you to delete the one’s that already there if you want to remove them. This is very useful for resetting the everyday schedule. If you use calendar a lot then this feature of Calendar manager is very useful for you.

6: Data Sync:

This feature of Assistant application tool allows you to sync the data between the computer and Vivo device. When we connect a device, it automatically does the syncing process and makes a copy of the data on the computer and saves it on the Vivo Phone manager and creates it backup on the computer. The data sync is a very useful feature.

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Download Vivo Phone Assistant Tool

You can download this application tool’s all versions from the link given here.



If you have any questions in your mind about this article or the features regarding the Vivo Phone assistant then leave a comment below in the comments section and we will try to reply as soon as possible.


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