Download WiseLink Tool (Latest to Old) All Versions

Here you can download all the versions of WiseLink latest to old, this flashing application is used to flash firmwares on majority of the MideaTek devices. When someone wants to change the firmware of the Mediatek device he/she can use this WiseLink Tool for that. Here in this article we are going to tell you the main and most common features of this flashing tool and we will also give the downloading links to many of the versions (Old to Latest) of this tool.

Some of the features of this application are:

Download WiseLink Tool

WiseLink Tool Supports Scatter file:

This is the feature of Android WiseLink Tool which allows us to flash the mediate firmware based on scatter file, which means if you have a scatter file on the basis of which you want to flash the mediatek firmware then click on browse, search for the scatter file and click on the starting button which will start the procedure of flashing your device.

Multiple Flashing Methods

The feature of Multiple Flashing Methods allows you to flash with different flashing method, like if you want to flash with local method you can do that or if you want to flash with the server download method you can do that too, the choice is yours.

Write and Read Back function

Write and Read Back function feature allows you to read the partition function and also write on it, like if you want to change the partition function then write on it yourself, but this can be done only on the mediatek devices. WiseLink Tool is capable of reading and writing, BOTH functions.

Format and Writing Options

The very cool feature of this WiseLink Tool is that you can format the partition also with this tool, and when you format it you obviously want or need to write the new data on the partition, that can be done by this WiseLink Tool too. It can write hardware information too.

Other Features of WiseLink Tool

There are a lot of features which are not described here, some of them are ‘’Read the factory test repot’’, ‘’Encryption and decryption of data’’. It has many features.


This Software flashing tool is compatible with almost every other windows, Window 7 windows 8, windows 10 and also windows vista is capable of running this software so you don’t need to worry about running this on your computer unless you use a MAC.

Warning: Backup your data before flash because flashing the software/firmware removes all your data and sets up the device in its factory settings. If you don’t backup, then all your personal data will be erased and your phone will be like when you bought it (Factory Settings).

Download WiseLink Tool (all versions)







Download (Latest Version)

Credits: This useful WiseLink Tool is created by TopWise 3G Communication .Co and all the credit goes to this company.

How to Use WiseLink Tool

If you have any questions about this application WiseLink Tool then ask them in the comments section.


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