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Here in this post you can Download Xiaomi PC Suite free and all of its versions old to latest, at this time its 2 versions have been released and all those versions are here to download free. Xiaomi PC suite is a proper software tool made for just xiaomi phones, The xiaomi pc suite lets us transfer data from our computer to mobile phone or from mobile phone to the computer. Its personally used for transferring data. It has many more features which are going to be discussed below.

Features of Xiaomi PC Suite:

File explorer is a program that organizes your everything at the same place in groups and it makes it easy to find something when everything is organized in a decent way in one place. Same goes for file explorer in Xiaomi pc suite. It helps to organize your data, sync your data and keep backups of it.

2: Application Manager:

This feature of Xiaomi pc suite allows you to manage the application from the pc suite itself. You can install or un-install the applications on your phone straight from the application manager on xiaomi pc suite. This is very useful feature. Where you install or un-install a single item at a time, here you can do more than one at a time. Application manager is useful because it makes it clear to see al the application together at a single place from where we can remove the unwanted applications easily.

3: Gallery Manager:

Gallery manager of xiaomi pc suite is one of the best feature of it. From here we can delete or arrange the photos in our phone. In pc suite they are at a single place (all of them) we can delete them or arrange them, whatever we want to do. We can also transfer the picture from computer to phone or from phone to computer directly. It also keeps a backup of all your photos since it keeps syncing while we use.

4: Video Manager:

Video manager allows you to watch or delete the videos right away from the computer. It also keeps a backup of all your videos that are saved.  In case you lose them you can always get them back by the help of backup saved in Xiaomi pc suite. This is just like gallery manager just instead of picture its work is connected to videos. You can also watch all the videos that are made up by your phone on your PC when they are synced with your computer.

5: Notes manager:

Just like Gallery and Video manager’s , Notes manager helps you to save your notes on the computer and also make a backup of them. When Pc suite sync’s the files all of the notes in your Phone will also be transferred to PC suite and you can view them and also save them. The notes manager will automatically create a backup for them; you will not need to do that. So once you download this software tool feel free from all the saving, just let PC suite do that for you.

6: Music manager:

This feature saves your entire music list if you have one. They will be synced to your computer and will be saved so if you lose or uninstall the music app by accident, you can always recover them from the PC suite. It allows you to transfer music from one device to another.

7: Contacts manager:

It saves all you contacts, you can view them on your pc and you can also transfer them to some other phone with the help of this manager. It keeps all of the records and also creates a backup of contacts for you.

8: Messages Manager:

Same like all the other managers, this one lets you save, view, edit, create a backup for your messages.

So these are some of the main features of the Xiaomi PC suite. If you own a Xiaomi / Redmi smartphone then you definitely need to download this.

Download Xiaomi PC Suite All Versions

You can download this from the following links

Download Xiaomi PC Suite 2.2 Version

Download Xiaomi PC Suite 2.2 Version (Latest)

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