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How to Fix Not Receiving Calls or SMS Issue in Xiaomi Redmi Phones

Hello guys, today we are going to a serious issue of Xiaomi Redmi devices, so many users of this device complain about the not receiving calls and SMS issue, I also have this company device and I also got the same problem on my smart phone, then I search for the solution of this problem and finally I got it.

This is a very simple tutorial and anyone can apply it easily on their android mobiles, so if you are also facing this issue and you can’t receive phone calls or cant receive the SMS messages then just follow these 3 simple and easy instructions before going to any mechanic or software developer and we hope you will solve your issue by yourself.

Step by Step Instructions to Solve Not Receiving Calls or SMS Incoming Issue


First Method – Do Not Disturb: Just go to Setting > and find the option of “Do Not Disturb” and tap on it, now check if this option is enabled then make it off, and your problem will be solved surely after this step.

Second Method – Security Setting: Xiaomi Redmi gave a security application on their devices; it is for cleaning your phone, checking the security risks etc and you can also block the call or SMS from this application.
So just go to the Security Application > in your android smart phone device Tap on BlockList Feature in this application, and remove all the blocked SMS or Calls from this app and your problem will be resolved.

Xiaomi Security Call Blocker

Third Method – Call Forwarding or Divert: Go to Setting > Call Settings > Call Forwarding > and check here if you see any enabled call forwarding or divert option then disable it, and now check your incoming call or SMS service on your device.

Call Blocker Block List Xiaomi Redmi

Fourth Method – Network Selection Failed: Now we are going to talk about last problem that might be happened on your device that’s name is Network Selection Issue, so just go to Setting > Networks > Select Network Automatically, and now your phone will search and select the network for your mobile SIM connection.

So guys if your device Xiaomi Redmi “Not Receiving Calls or SMS Issue or No Incoming issue” has resolved then please like this page and share it, if you are getting any trouble in any step then you can contact us through comments, just leave your comments below!

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  1. Hi,
    I just bought a Redmi 4 from Amazon. I am facing some serious issues with it. First of all the second sim does not take any network. Yes I checked the network..both manual and automation selection. Nothing works. Secondly from my first sim I am unable to make or receive calls. Yes I tried everything suggested above. I can send and receive sms though. So network is not an issue with sim 1.

    Device info:

    Xiaomi Redmi 4
    Nougat 7.1.2
    Qualcomm MSM8940
    3 GB RAM
    4G LTE

    Let me know if you need any other information.

    – KD

    1. Hello, Dial *#06# from your Redmi smart phone and check is your phone showing 2 IPs or only 1, then reply back.

  2. You have solved my problem, thank you for this help and instructions. I love you because you saved my money.

  3. Hello, I have a Xiaomi redmi note device, when some call me I cant see the caller screen popup, i just see the notification of call on notification bar, please help me, I am regular reader of your blog.

  4. Hello. I purchased a Xiaomi redmi 5a. I have not send or recieve any messages. I also purcahsed a new sim. But still facing the problem.

  5. Hi,
    I have redmi 4 mobile.
    I am not receiving incoming calls or SMS while using JIO sim.
    Volte is enabled and nothing in block list as well. This number has been ported from Vodafone recently.
    Can you help?

    1. Dear Div,
      Same problem. I have Mi 4i
      “I am not receiving incoming calls or SMS while using JIO sim.
      Volte is enabled and nothing in block list as well. This number has been ported from Vodafone recently.”
      Did you solve it? If so how ?
      Thanks a lot in advance.

  6. try cancel network automatic search. and then manual search . select your carrier network from the list. this should be help.

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