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How to Boost Google Nexus 5X Volume?

Volume boosting means that you will be able to make the volume of the smartphone louder. This is just for knowledge purposes or if your Google Nexus 5X device really has low sound but sincerely do not support this because Boosting sound on the smartphones which already have high sound can cause hearing aids which are really bad for your health and your life.


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The Purpose of volume boosting is to manage the sound of the Google Nexus 5X device to a bit high sound with a bunch of ideas and tricks on the devices which have really low sound or the speakers have some manufacturing fault in them. Read the below instructions and steps to make the volume of your smartphone boosted.

Steps to Boost Volume of Google Nexus 5X

how to boost google nexus 5x volume

1: Make sure that your device is rooted because 90 percent of the sound booster applications or the tricks only work on the rooted devices, if you do not know what rooting is then read below:

Rooting modifies your device in a way that a bunch of things can be applied to the device which would not be able to be applied on the stock firmware of the device. Rooting makes a device powerful in every way. Search on Google that how you can root your device before boosting the sound.

Check your smart phone’s Rooting access: Root Checker APK

2: Make sure that you are connected to the internet because downloading applications require internet for service purposes.

3: Open ‘’Play Store’’ application and search “Volume Booster”, many options will come in front of your eyes but you have to select the one which is the most reliable.  Read the reviews of every application so that you come to know about the application services.

4: Download the best one and install it on your Google Nexus 5X device, this may take some time so be Patient.

5: When installed, run it and click on “Enable” which will enable the sound booster system. Now go into the settings of the application and place the bars at the level of volume you like and setup everything.

6: Play some songs or some music with which you can set the sound, set it up well so that you do not have to set it up again because it takes time when you have to make changes or you want to make changes.

7: Enable the option “Adjust with volume buttons “so that you will be able to adjust the volume from the volume buttons of your Google Nexus 5X device.

Video Tutorial to Boost Google Nexus 5X Volume

If you have tried many applications but none of them worked then you may need to consult a mechanic as there might be a fault in the hardware which means there might be a fault in your speakers which is not letting it boost the volume.

Leave a comment below telling us about your experience with the applications that you downloaded and let us know if this was helpful for you.


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