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How to Change Language in Android Phones

In this article, the method of changing the language is going to be described, this is the main aspect of the smartphone, if the language of your smartphone is not set according to your national languages, you will face difficulty in selecting the options as you will not understand which option is located where. Languages are very important and most of the time when you buy a new smartphone or due to some error or if we factory reset our device, the language of the smartphone gets changed and majority of the people don’t know how to change that.

Follow the steps below to change the language in your smartphone:

1: Turn the screen on and unlock the device.

2: Open menu bar and search for settings or you can open settings from the notification bar in android.

3: When settings are opened, scroll down and search for the ‘’Languages and Input’’ which contains all the languages settings. Its icon will have the shape of a GLOBE.

Change Language in Android

4:  Open it, and on the top will be ‘’Languages’’, click on it.

5: When clicked, it will open a window, from which you can select the language you desire to use in your smartphone.

6: You can also select the variation of languages by sliding the language you give priority to first upwards.

7: If you have any undesired languages in the variation box then delete it by clicking on the ‘’EDIT’’ sign.

Congratulations, you have selected the new language you want as your language in the smartphone.


Now if you want to change the language of the keyboard, follow the steps below:

1: Unlock the smartphone.

2: Open the menu bar and search for settings, it will be a controlling machine shaped icon.

3: When opened, scroll down and search for languages and input, you will find it easily it is on the main menu of settings.

4: Scroll down and you will find the ‘’VIRTUAL KEYBOARD’’, click to open it.

5: Select the keyboard you desire, most of the people have selected the stock Samsung keyboard because it is easy to use, but if you want some other than the stock one, you can download from the play store which will give you a bunch of styles.

6: Select the languages of the keyboard by clicking on the language option inside keyboard and that will set your keyboard’s language.

7: Now go to the languages, and add the keyboard which you have download and wanted as your keyboard then tick mark in the selection box of that keyboard. Now your new keyboard with the new language has been selected.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed the languages and the keyboard style too on your android smart phone device.

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