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How to Connect Pixel 2 to Computer

In this article we are going to describe how you can connect your Google device with your computer because many people don’t either know how to or face some difficulties connecting this Google device called PIXEL 2 to the PC. By connecting your device you can charge your device as well as transfer the data from your device to the PC as well as from the PC to the device which is very helpful.

Precautions to Connect Pixel 2 to Computer

1: Make sure that your Google Pixel 2 device is charged because if you are going to transfer some files by connecting your Google device to the PC, the files might get lost in between if your device turns off due to battery so make sure that your device is charged above the charging level of 60 percent.

How to Connect Pixel 2 to Computer

2: If there is android installed and not some other local software in your PIXEL 2 then you will have to enable the USB debugging from your settings, you can do that by following this path: SETTINGS-> DEVELOPER OPTIONS-> USB DEBUGGING. Many smart phones do not eve have developer options enabled, you can also do that by clicking the build number under about phone in the setting several ties which will enable the developer options.

3: Make sure that you use an original data cable for connecting your Smartphone to the computer because local cables are very famous for disconnecting in between and you can lose your data while transferring with a local cable as it will be faulty.

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Steps to Pixel 2 to Computer / PC

1: Turn on your computer and install the drivers from either a CD (if you have) or from the internet, you can let the Windows Update install them if you don’t want to go through the procedure.

2: Connect your Google Pixel 2 to the PC with an original cable as discussed above because local cables are faulty.

3: You will get notified on your PIXEL 2 that you have connected your device to the computer, click on the charging option and it will charge your device only. If you click on the MEDIA/FILE TRANSFER option then you will be able to transfer the files from your Pixel 2 to the PC or either from the computer to the phone.

4: You can also click on the disconnect feature which will disconnect the link between the PC and the Smartphone with the cable still attached.

Now if you want to transfer the files you can do that too, and you can charge your Google Pixel 2 too. We hope that this was helpful as there is nothing much serious or difficult to do. We hope you understood and will give us good rating. Do let us know in the comments section about your experience with these steps.


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