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How to Find Wi-Fi Mac Address on Android?

As the topic defines the words written in this article, finding the mac address of your android device is described in this article and also the advantages and draw backs are given so that you guys can properly understand what a MAC address is.

What is Mac Address?

A MAC address is the main code which is given to the network adapter while it is made / manufactured. When a human is being born, he/she is given a name, by which he/she is known for his/her whole life. Same is the case with MAC address; it is the kind of name which is given to the chipset of the network adapters. MAC address of every network adapter is unique; no MAC address matches with the other. These codes are very helpful and useful in diagnosing the issues of network because they never change.A MAC address is 12 hexadecimal digits long which mean it a heavy code containing a lot of data.

How to Find Wi-Fi Mac Address on Android?

Advantages of MAC address?

1: They do not change; they are very helpful in diagnosing the issues that are being entered in the network adapters or other devices.

2: It has a lot of data which engages which the MAC address comes into use.

Drawbacks of MAC address?

The only issue with this or a drawback is that we have to modify the whitelist, every time we buy a new computer which is really hard.

Following are the steps of finding the MAC address in android:

1: Turn the device on by pressing the power button.

2: Open the menu bar.

3: Search for the Settings and open it.

4: Swipe down and search for ABOUT PHONE’ click on this option.

5: After opening the ‘’about phone’’, search for the Wi-Fi MAC address.

There will be MAC address, write it on some piece of paper so that you can use it afterwards for whatever you were searching it for.

Video Tutorial about checking the WiFi mac address on android smart phones.

My experience:

I myself am an android user, I wanted to diagnose the router settings and for that it was asking for the mac address, which I did not know, where it was written, I searched on the internet and read many articles on the websites but nothing helped me. After some time, by keep finding it in every other option of the device, I found it and wrote it on a paper. So I though why not write an article on this how you can find the MAC address because it hidden in the settings and not everyone is able to find it.

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I hope this article was helpful for you and the ways were understood by you easily as they were by me. If you have any questions regarding the article then leave a comment below.


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