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How to Fix Blackberry Priv Overheating Issues?

In this article we are going to guide you the ways of resolving the overheating issue in your blackberry priv, as the blackberry priv is a high spec and good quality phone, many people bought it and still buy them on resale values but the main issue in this smartphone launched by blackberry is that this heats-up very easily even when we have put it on sleep and turn it on after 30-40 minutes we feel that the phone has been heating up without any reason.

I personally have used blackberry priv and I was facing the same issues until I used some tricks for resolving this issue which I am going to tell you in this article. Follow these tricks and you may solve the issue unless your smartphone has some hardware fault in it, due to which you may need to consult a mechanic.

Ways to Fix Blackberry Priv Overheating

  1. Make sure that your battery is alright and its health level is good because if not then you need to change your battery because if you keep using the battery with low health, it also becomes one of the reasons of overheating.
  2. Make sure that while charging the Blackberry Priv Smartphone is not placed under direct sunlight because when it is consuming the energy from electrical output the heat from sunlight is extra for it and causes the battery to heat-up, the heat from the sunlight is actually dangerous for the phone as it can damage the battery or even explode it.
  3. Make sure you use an original data cable for charging purposes as the fake and cheap ones are faulty and do not charge well and destroy the health of the battery which also becomes the reason of overheating.
  4. Overcharging can also cause overheating; because when the battery is fully charged it should be removed from charging and not left charging because overcharging can damage the cells of battery which control the heat and supply of battery.
  5. Don’t use your Blackberry Priv when you are under direct sunlight because the heat from sunlight can also heat-up your smartphone or damage the hardware like LCD because LCD’s sometimes cannot bear the heat sometimes directly impacted on them.
  6. Overheating can be caused from over-usage too, most of us play games or use internet on our smartphone for 1-2 hours consecutive which is not right even for our health and for the smartphone itself. We should limit the usage of smartphone and it will remain non-faulty, and will not heat up unless there is hardware fault.
  7. Download temperature controlling apps from the play store which are developed to control the temperature of the battery and are a lot helpful. They control the heat/temperature by limiting the power supply to the Blackberry Priv.

Heating Issues of Blackberry Priv

If you have any questions regarding the fix procedure of any trick or the tricks themselves then leave a comment below and we will try to reply as soon as possible.


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