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How To Fix HTC Desire 626 Black Screen Issue

In this article we are going to describe the way of resolving the black screen issue in the HTC desire 626. This issue can occur if your android smart phone falls accidentally, sometimes the screen also remains black when we restart the smartphone or open any application.

Follow Below Necessities to Fix HTC Desire 626 Black Screen Issue

1: Make sure that the HTC Desire 626 smartphone is well charged, which means it should be at least above the 60 PERCENT level, if not then charge it well before you start the procedure.

2: Make sure that the smartphone is not damaged because if there is any fault other than the black screen issue it may turn off during the process so make sure that there is no problem.

3: Check if the LED light on the smartphone turns on, if not then there may be an issue with the panel of the smartphone.

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Instructions to Fix HTC Desire 626 Black Screen Issue

1: Plug the HTC Desire 626 android smartphone into its charger when the problem appears which means when the smartphone is on the black screen, plug the smartphone into its charger and make sure that the smartphone is indicating charging.

2: Sometimes, when we remove the battery and attach it again it resolves many issues, so try this out and see if this resolves the issue. First make sure that the battery is detachable because if not then you won’t be able to remove the battery.

3: There is another way of resolving this problem, which includes removing the SIM and SD card from their jackets, once removed wait for 2-3 mins and place them back on because sometimes there is some bug which gets removed when we remove the SIM and SD card from their jackets and place them back on.

4: Force restart your smartphone if the above steps do not work which can be done by pressing and holding the volume up and power button at the same time until the HTC Desire 626 powers off. This can solve the issue if there is no hardware fault because force restarting a device deletes or removes all the bugs from the device which is quite good if there are any errors which keep bugging the device and disturbing you.

5: The last way of removing the fault in your HTC Desire 626 android smart phone is to wait until the battery dies out because sometimes when the battery dies out itself it removes the bugs from the device itself automatically. So wait for a bit if you are not in a hurry and let the battery die so we can charge it up again from 0 Percent.

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The black screen problem will be resolved by one of the above ways, if not then there may be an issue with the hardware of the HTC Desire 626 android smart phone device. When there is a hardware fault, only a top class mechanic can solve it and none of the above ways would be helpful.

We hope this article was helpful for you.



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