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How to Fix HTC One M8 Overheating Issue?

In this article we are going to give out the ways of solving the overheating issues in HTC ONE M8, as it is made of aluminum it does heat-up very easily. The main sources of heat and how to solve them are discussed in this article. If you read this article till the very end then you will be able to understand the things you have been doing wrong because of which the HTC One M8 is overheating.

I personally have used HTC ONE M8 and it is a great phone, although on the topic of heating-up issues; I have also faced this issue and tried my best to solve them with some of the DIY tricks and some of them worked for me and I am sure they will work for you too unless you got some hardware fault In your smartphone.

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Methods to Fix HTC One M8 Overheating Issue?

  1. Check the battery health, if it is at 80 percent it is good but if it is below 80 percent then you need to change your battery because the battery is the main reason if your HTC One M8 is overheating.
    (There’s also a DIY process of checking your battery’s health, you can rotate the battery on a flat surface and if it rotates smoothly then your battery is below average and if not then it had good health)
  2. Overheating is also caused when the phone is being overcharged on the daily basis. Because overcharging the battery destroys it cells after which it cannot supply properly to the CPU and gets heated up.
  3. Don’t use fake USB cables as they are faulty and do not charge well and even sometimes they destroy the battery life of the phone. HTC One M8 can start to overheat when the cable is not charging properly because the fake cables are of low quality and do not handle the heat produced from electrical outputs.
  4. Download heat/temperature controlling apps from the play store as they are a lot helpful in controlling the temperature of the battery which decreases the chances of overheating of the smartphone.
  5. Don’t use your smartphone under direct sunlight as it is dangerous and becomes the reason of overheating. Heat from sunlight when directly impacts on the display of the smartphone it can damage the LCD and also as the HTC ONE M8 is made of aluminum, the aluminum will start to heat up.
  6. Don’t use your HTC One M8 while charging as it is also one of the main reasons the smart phone’s these days start to heat up because when it is charging the battery it should be placed on a table and not being used. When we use it, it starts to heat up after some time because the battery is charging as well as draining, the two of the procedures do not combine well.

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These methods should work for you unless you have a hardware issue in your HTC One M8 smart phone device.

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If you have any questions regarding the methods of solving the overheating issue then leave a comment below and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.


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