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How to Fix Insufficient Storage on Alcatel One Touch?

Today in this article, i am going to tell you about the tricks with which you can resolve or Fix Insufficient Storage error on Alcatel One Touch smart phone android device. Alcatel One Touch, one of the most selling smartphone in the market because of low price. It does not have any kind of high spec yet still is one of the most selling items in the market just because of its reliability and smoothness and of-course, low price. Although it is a great smartphone but has some production errors by which the user gets disturbed, one of the errors is the ‘Insufficient Storage’ error which occurs in many of the Alcatel smartphones.

How to Fix Insufficient Storage on Alcatel One Touch?

Ways to Fix Insufficient Storage on Alcatel One Touch

  • Clear the cached data on your android smartphone by following this path, SETTINGS-STORAGE-CACHED DATA, when you click on the cached data a message will pop up asking you if you want to clear the cached data, Press on OK.
  • Delete all the unwanted applications and by doing this you would clear out some space and will no longer get the notification on Insufficient Storage.
  • Move all your data to the SD card from the internal storage so that the internal storage gets some free space, you can also transfer some data to the cloud which can also help you save storage on the internal storage.
  • Transfer the photos and videos to your computer, this can also free up some space, the media is carrying a lot of space in your smartphone. By deleting or transferring it to some other device like your personal computer you can free up a lot of space and get rid of the insufficient storage notification.
  • You can also move your applications to the SD card; applications also carry data in them like Facebook, integral, snap chat. When we move these to the SD card a lot of space on the internal storage becomes available for new data.
  • Download software’s like Ccleaner which helps in clearing the RAM and also the unwanted applications, it even clears out any type of Bug/Virus which is harmful for the device. So downloading these kind of software’s helps a lot and also clears out space for the user.
  • If you still get the insufficient storage notification then buy an SD card with more storage in it; you can use the extra storage on the SD card to free up the internal storage.
  • The software installed in your android device also needs space for the system data, the newer the software version the more data it has. You can also downgrade the software version if you need to clear up some of the space.

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If after all these tricks you still get the notification, it means you need more storage for which you may need to buy a heavy-spec device to contain the things you use on your daily basis.

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If you have any questions regarding these, then comment below and we will reply you as soon as possible.


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