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How to Fix LG G Flex 2 Overheating Issue?

The topic of this article is ‘How to Fix Overheating issue in LG G FLEX 2’, we are going to discuss about it today in this article and give out methods of solving this issue. Many users have faced this issue and want it to be resolved because due to overheating, users are not able to use their smartphones properly. There are many methods or tricks with which this overheating issue can be resolved, the tricks are given below. Follow these tricks to resolve the overheating issue.

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We are not to be held responsible if your smartphone occurs any other issue after applying these tricks, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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how to fix lg g flex 2 overheating issue

Steps to Fix LG G Flex 2 Overheating Issue?

1: Make sure that you are using an original USB cable for charging purpose; sometimes we buy cheap ones and think they do the work but that’s not true. The cheap and fake ones destroy the cells of battery as these cables do not supply electricity properly to the battery and damage the cells which cause overheating.

2: Check the battery health and if it is below 80 percent then you need to change the battery because below 80 percent of health means that the battery has weaken up and does not supply properly which also becomes one of the reason of overheating.

3: Download and install the temperature controlling applications from the play store, these applications decrease the temperature by clearing out the RAM and cache material and lower the chances of overheating.

4: Do not use your smartphone under direct sunlight as the heat from sunlight can also affect the display and battery which causes the phone to overheat. Heat from sunlight can badly affect the smartphone’s hardware.

5: Make sure that while you are charging your phone, the phone is not placed under direct sunlight because that can also become the reason of overheating. We do no notice and connect the phone on charging and place it under a window from where heat comes through and affects the phone which is very dangerous.

6: Some people/users continuously use their phones without letting them rest as the smartphone also needs to cool itself down after sometime. When we use them continuously for straight 3-4 hours it gets no time to cool down and the phone starts to overheat, this becomes also one of the reasons of heating-up.

7: If you have applied all these tricks and the problem still occurs then the last step is to consult a proper company mechanic who will solve this issue for you. If the above tricks can’t help you then it means there is a hardware fault which only a mechanic can understand and solve, most of the time it’s a battery issue.

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