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How to Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues?

In this post we are going to tell you How to Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues? this heating problem is occurring in various LG mobile phone models. LG G2 is a great smartphone which comes with a lot of features but still every smartphone has some faults which we come to know about when we use it for some time, same goes for the LG G2, many of the users have reported that this smartphone has overheating issues and this needs to be resolved because sometimes the phone heats-up so much that users can barely use it.

LG G2 was released in September, 2013, it has been released with different variants, D800 (AT&T); D802 (Europe); D801 (T-Mobile); D802TA (Australia); D803 (Canada); VS980 (Verizon); LS980 (Sprint).

How to Fix LG G2 Overheating Issues?

This android smart phone comes with a 5.2 inches of display which supports 1080×1920 pixels and has a gorilla corning glass 2. It has 13MP of camera with 1080P and a 2.1MP of secondary camera. It comes with 2GB of RAM with two different variants of ROM, one being a 16GB and the other one being a 32GB.  It has 3000mAh Li-Po battery which gives an outclass battery timing.

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In this article we are going to tell you different methods by which you can resolve LG G2 Overheating Issues.

Steps to Fix LG G2 Overheating Issue

  1. Do not use your phone while charging, many of the users make this mistake of using their smartphones while charging them, this puts load on the CPU. Because as it is consuming energy, it is using at the same time, which results in heating up of the smartphone.
  2. Make sure that you do not place your LG G2 phone under direct sunlight, the heat from the sunlight affects the phone and it heats-up even if it is sleeping.
  3. Close all the applications which are running in the background for no reason at all, Because sometimes the phone is multitasking so much applications that it puts load on the processor which it cannot bear and results in overheating of the smartphone.
  4. Make sure that you use an original data/USB cable for charging. The fake ones are cheap and faulty. They do not charge well and also destroy the battery life of your phone. Fake USB cables when used for charging can also cause the overheating issue as they do not properly charge the smartphones rather destroy them.
  5. Delete uncertain data on your smartphone which you do not use. Clearing up the storage on your LG G2 smart phone can also relieve some of the pressure on the processor.
  6. Install temperature controlling applications from the play store and run them to control the temperature of the battery and other hardware’s of the smartphone.

These are some of the methods to resolve the over-heating issue and we are sure these would help you as these are the main methods and many users after applying these say that the matter resolved.

If you have any questions regarding LG G2 or this article then leave a comment in the comments section.


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