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How to Fix LG Stylo Overheating Issue

This is a very common issue in LG stylo that it heats up without any reason. There are many ways of resolving this problem, in this article we are going to describe you some of the ways of resolving this issue. Many people try to find the original and genuine methods for solving this issue, so follow the instructions below and you will solve this issue hopefully.

Precautions to to Fix LG Stylo Overheating Issue

1:  Make sure that your LG Stylo smart phone is charged above the 60 percent of charging level because the smartphone should not turn off during the process because if it does you might lose your device.

2: Make sure that there is no hardware problem in your LG Stylo phone because if here is, you will not be able to resolve / fix the overheating issue by the methods given below.

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Methods to Solve LG Stylo Overheating Issue

1: Make sure that your battery health is good, because if not then there is a battery problem and you might need to change the battery because if there is an issue with the battery nothing can be resolved unless the battery is changed.

2: Make sure that you don’t overcharge your LG Stylo smartphone every time, most people these days, connect their smartphones to charger while they are going to sleep at night, and the smartphone’s gets overcharged every night which is very wrong.

3: Make sure that when you are charging your smart phone, it is not placed under direct sunlight because the heat from charging and from the sunlight can merge and it can have bad effects on your smartphone.

4: Make sure that you don’t use your LG Stylo android smartphone in direct sunlight much, this can also cause overheating as the heat from sun can cause it to stroke the heating and cause it to overheat.

5: When the CPU is too busy, you can actually lose the applications that are not in need and are running without any reason, this can cause it to cool down. The more pressure on CPU the more it can cause overheating.

6: Make sure that you don’t use your smart phone in an excessive amount, stay focused about when you need to stop doing whatever you are doing, playing games etc because excessive amount of usage can also cause the smartphone to overheat.

7: If the battery overheats, download and application from the Google play store to control the temperature.There are many applications, select from them and install it on your smart phone. When installed, run it and it will cool down and control the temperature of your battery.

8: Clear out the RAM after a while of usage because, clearing out the ram cools down and the CPU comes out of pressure which can also stop it from overheating.

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We hope this article was helpful for you, make sure to comment below about your experience with these minor tasks of controlling the heat of your smartphone.


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