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How to Fix LG V20 Overheating Issues?

In this post we are going to guide you how to solve the overheating issue of your LG V20 android smart phone device, it is an upgraded version of LG V10 which also had similar heating problems but in this article we are going to discuss about v20 heating problems and how to fix them with very easy and simple tricks. These tricks are only applicable if there is a software problem as for the hardware problem you need to consult a proper company mechanic.

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Tricks to Fix LG V20 Overheating Issues?

  1. Make sure that your battery health is good and it does not need to be changed, when the battery needs to be changed, the old battery is not giving out proper supply to the processor which causes the LG V20 to over-heat.
  2. Download temperature controlling applications from the play store to control the temperature of the battery. This app helps us out by clearing the RAM from time to time without asking for it which is very useful as it clears out the applications which are not being used.
  3. Make sure that you don’t use your LG V20 in direct sunlight that often because the phone due to heat from the sunlight can also overheat and the heat can damage the mobile.
  4. Main source of overheating is due to over-charge, we usually do not keep track of time and let the phone charge for the whole night while we are asleep which is absolutely wrong because due to overcharge the LG V20’s battery gets damaged and it needs to be changed and some other hardware fault also may occur due to overcharging
  5. Make sure that you use original USB cable as the fake ones are faulty and they do not charge the battery properly. They destroy the ions of the battery and due to that the battery needs to be changed, when you see that you have had to change the battery twice of thrice in 4-5 months, immediately change you USB cable as it’s a faulty one and destroying your LG V20 and the battery.
  6. When charging make sure that your device is not placed under direct sunlight as on one side the mobile is consuming energy from the electrical output and from the other side sunlight is heating up the smartphone which also causes the smartphone to overheat while it still on sleep mode.

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These are 6 tricks by which you can save your LG V20 smart phone device from overheating and you won’t have any issue regarding overheating but if it’s a hardware issue then none of these tricks can help you. The hardware issue can only be properly fixed by a company mechanic or someone who is professionally authorized to do so. If there is a hardware issue then the part of the hardware may need to be changed or sometimes the mechanic can repair it also, so consult a mechanic.

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