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How to Fix Moto G4 Wi-Fi Authentication?

There are many common issues in the Motorola devices, some are related to the hardware and some are related to the software. The device itself is great and best for daily usage but there are many little issues that may occur in your daily usage as this device has some manufacturing faults and the Motorola has accepted that.

This device was released in May’ 2016. It supports a 5.5 inches of display which has 1080×1920 pixels. It has a 13MP of 1080P camera and a 5MP of front camera. It has a 2GB of Snapdragon RAM and comes in two different variants with respect to the storage matter; it has either 16GB or 32GB. The battery life is great and has 3000mAh of Li-Ion battery.

Common issue of Moto G4 Wi-Fi Authentication

how to fix moto g4 wi fi authentication

1: Wi-Fi Authentication: This smartphone has some common issues, but the most common one is Wi-Fi authentication, on which we are going to discuss today.  Wi-Fi authentication issue means that when we try to connect to the Wi-Fi, it gives a notification with an error that says Wi-Fi connection not possible or something like that. It means that the smartphone is not able to understand the source code of the Wi-Fi terminal and because of that the Wi-Fi cannot be connected to your device.

There are many ways, through which this can be resolved:

Steps on How the Moto G4 Wi-Fi Authentication Issue can be Resolved

1: Forget the Wi-Fi network:

Go into the settings, and search for W-Fi settings, when found click on it. Click on the Wi-Fi network that you were trying to connect to. When you will click on it, it will open the settings of that network. There will be option saying ‘’Forget Network’’ which will disconnect and forget the network from your completely just like you restart your device. This option will remove that Wi-Fi network’s settings from the phone. Click on it and type in the password again and try to connect again, this might work.

2: Retype the Password:

When it has been days since you connected to the Wi-Fi network, the network dis-engages which means it needs to reconnect and you will have to retype the password, just disconnect the Wi-Fi and re-connect it by typing in the password again. This will reconnect the source code which will surly solve the issue.

3: Restart your device:

Restarting your device means that everything will be closed once, and every type of application or program will be restarted after the phone turns on again and this can solve the issue of Wi-Fi authentication, if not then follow the next solution.

4: Restart the box:

The box / device which gives out signals for the network connections sometimes needs to restart due to some error found in the network, so if all the above solutions do not work, try this and this will surely solve your issue.

Leave a comment below about your experience with these solutions and let us know which one worked for you.


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