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How to Fix Motorola Moto E Black Screen Issue?

In this article we are going to guide you the way of resolving the issue of black screen on you Motorola Moto E. This android smart phone device has a black screen issue which can come up if the device falls which can occur some damage in the screen. When the phone is on sleep and user presses the power button to turn it on the screen remains black, this issue can be resolved and we will guide you properly how to resolve this with simple and most easy tricks.

First of all there are some of the things you have to check before proceeding with the procedure.

How to Fix Motorola Moto E Black Screen Issue?

1: Check if the LED light turns on when you turn on the display, If it does not then there is something wrong with the hardware or battery and the display is alright.

2: Check if the battery is charged properly, If not then charge the battery properly of your Motorola Moto E because sometimes due to low battery life the battery could not supply to the display in Moto E.

3: Make sure the panel is not broken, as sometimes the liquid in the display leaks out due to major hit or if the device falls, in this case whole panel needs to be changed and no tricks can help you if the hardware/panel needs to be changed.

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All you need to Know about Motorola Moto E

Steps to Fix Motorola Moto E Black Screen Issue

1: Plug the charger and charge your Motorola Moto E, sometimes the battery life is decreased to the level that it can no more support the LCD display and needs to be changed.

2: Remove the SIM card and Micro SD card because sometimes these two conflict with the phone’s display. Turn the display on and if it works then there is an issue with the sim card and SD card.

3: You can force reboot the Moto E smartphone if the first two steps don’t seem to work, press the volume down button, power button and home button and keep on holding until it reboots. Once rebooted check if the issue still appears, if it does then follow the next step.

4: Make you battery absolutely discharged and try not to use it before it drains out completely, when you are sure that you battery is dead then connect in the charger and turn your Motorola Moto E android smartphone on after plugin in the charger and see if the problem still appears.

If the problem has been solved then, Congratulations!

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If after all these tasks the problem still appears then consult a mechanic as it is a hardware issue because if it was a bug then it would have been removed after all the tasks given above, Consult a proper company mechanic which knows about the Motorola Moto E device and you may need to change you display panel.

If you have any questions regarding this Fix Motorola Moto E Black Screen article then contact us by listing you questions in the comment sections and we will reply to your questions as soon as possible.


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