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How to Fix Motorola Moto Z Overheating Issue

Motorola Z is a great smartphone, but lacks in one issue which is overheating. This simple problem is causing it to be a useless device because when the Motorola Moto Z overheats, users are unable to use it sometimes. In this article we are going to give you a guide on, how you can solve this problem because this is one of the most common issues of these days.

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Step by step Instructions to Fix Motorola Moto Z Overheating Issue

How to Fix Motorola Moto Z Overheating Issue

1: Make sure that your battery is at minimum 90 percent health, you can check that by downloading the battery health applications from play store. If it is not at 90 but below that than there may be a chance that due to low health battery it is not capable of supplying the full power to the smartphone which causes it to overheat.

2: Make sure that you do not use your smartphone while charging; this can weaken the cells as well as it overheats the smartphone. When the phone is charging, let it charge. Do not use it while charging, it is harmful too.

3: Many of the users don’t really care about this, but when we place the phone for charging, make sure that it is not under direct sunlight, the heat from the sunlight is not good for the display or the smartphone itself. The heat from sunlight can cause the Motorola Moto Z to overheat as well.

4: Download the ‘’Temperature controlling’’ applications from the play store which is very useful. This application will help in solving this issue, it will decrease the temperature of the smartphone by clearing out the cache files, clearing out the RAM and also other files that are of no use but taking up a lot of time.

5: When it is too hot around you or you are sitting under direct sunlight, make sure that you don’t use your smartphones, because this heat can also cause it to overheat. Just make sure that you sit in an ambient temperature while using your smartphone.

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Some Tips to Prevent Overheating Motorola Moto Z

6: Use Genuine cables for charging purposes, because fake or cheap cables are not good for your smartphone. They are made from the cheap carbon wires which do not have the intensity to carry out the voltage needed for your smartphone.  So use the genuine USB cables and genuine adapters because only they have the capacity to supply the right amount of power to the smartphone.

7: The last step is that you need to change the battery if the problem still persists because even if the issue is still there, the battery is the reason for it and this has almost 90 percent chance because most of the time batteries are faulty which need to be replaced before any more problem some.

Follow these instructions and see if your problem is resolved, these instructions have positive feedback which means people are applying these and the issue is resolved.


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