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How to Fix Nexus 6 Overheating Issues?

In the last articles of we have discussed about LG and Motorola Overheating problems and their fixes and in this post we will guide you that How to Fix Nexus 6 Overheating Issues. Nexus 6 was released in October, 2014. It has 6 inches of display which shows 1440×2560 pixels. It has 3GB of RAM with 2 different variants of ROM, one being a 32GB and the other one 64GB.

It has a Quad-Core 2.7 Ghz of processor, It has 13MP of Primary camera and a 2MP of secondary camera. It has an outclass battery capacity of 3220mAh. The nexus 6 was released as the newer version of nexus 5 and has made much advancement since the previous models.

From many of the user reviews, we have come to know that many users are facing overheating issues in nexus. This article is being written on the same topic and we will guide you how to remove these issues in your smartphone.

How to Easily Fix Nexus 6 Overheating Issue?

Some of the methods to resolve these heating issues on Nexus 6 are given below:

  1. You can always close the application which you are not using from the multitasking window. Some of   applications are running without any reason in the background and because of them CPU could not control the load and start to heat-up. In short, close all the unnecessary applications.
  2. While charging, it is strictly advised not to use your Nexus 6 smart phone, in case of emergency, unplug your phone and then use it. For charging purposes, always use original data cable since the fake ones are faulty and do not charge well and batteries are getting destroyed and device gets overheating issue due to these fake charging cables.
  3. When you feel that even after doing the first two steps, you are not able to control the heat of your Nexus 6 android smart device, and then download any kind of temperature controlling app which will control the temperature of the battery and surely will resolve the issue. Make sure you use the latest version of the software.
  4. While charging or whenever the Nexus 6 is on sleeping mode, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight. Make sure that the sunlight cannot reach the phone and the device is placed in a normal temperature room.
  5. Sometimes the owner of the device uses the phone a lot, because of his excessive usage the Nexus 6 device starts to overheat most of the time. You should give your Nexus 6 a break after a while and let it cool down. Some people play too many games continuously and don’t let the phone cool down which is absolutely wrong.
  6. If after following all these instructions and applying all the methods your nexus 6 still over-heats then it may have hardware issue. You may need to show it to a company mechanic who will resolve your issue. Some people after reading this method try to resolve the hardware issue by themselves, which is wrong and dangerous. You always have to consent a mechanic for hardware issues.

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If you have any question regarding these methods or any questions about the issues regarding your NEXUS 6 overheating or any other problem / issue, then leave a comment below and our team will respond as soon as possible.


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