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How to Fix NEXUS 6 WiFi Authentication Problem

In this article we are going to provide you with the information on how you can fix the WIFI authentication problem in your NEXUS 6, this problem is very common in NEXUS 6P, maybe it is a manufacturing fault but we do have fix this because without fixing this one would not be able to use the wifi.

Precautions to to Fix NEXUS 6 WiFi Authentication Problem

1: Make sure that your smart-phone is well charged before you do anything with it because if the smartphone turns off during any of the process you will have to try it out again, so make sure that you have a good charged battery.

Methods to Fix NEXUS 6 WiFi Authentication Problem

1: The main thing is Wireless router; sometimes the fault is in the link in between the router, so the first method is to restart the router. Sometimes restarting the router does not remove the problem; in this case you can also reset the router. You can find the reset button placed on the back or front of the router (most of the times on the back). Click it and wait for a while you device will reset hopefully removing the issues.

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2: Restarting the device can also remove the bug, press and hold the power button then power off the NEXUS 6 Smart phone which will shut down all the things and the device will power off.  Then turn the device on by pressing and holding the power button and when the device turns on, see if the problem has been solved or not.

3: Forget the wifi network from the settings and connect it again, you will have to click on the FORGET NETWORK to remove it from the saved networks, then toe the password again to connect to it again. Sometimes this can also the issue.

4: Check your router settings online and see if everything is in order, you can also contact online network helpers or some helpline of your router to let them check if everything is in order.

5: If nothing works out then contact the helpline and they will launch your complain with which a person (NETWORK SPECIALIST) will come to your residence and check if everything is in order.

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We hope this was helpful for you guys and the problem you were facing was solved even if after these following steps your problem is not solved then you may need to change your Smart phone because if there is some problem with your hardware it cannot be removed unless a mechanic who is certified by the company looks at it. Get your Smartphone checked or change it in this case.

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Do comment below and tell us about your experience about this tutorial of Fixing NEXUS 6 WiFi authentication or obtaining IP address issue that if your problem was solved by the following steps or not.

If you have any complain regarding this article let us know in the comments section, we will try to replay as soon as possible.


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