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How to Force Stop Apps on Android Phones

Force stopping the applications is required when the application stops working or some error appears but majority of the users don’t even know how to force stop the application. It because not many of the users need to as the devices these days are much more powerful than before which do not lag but the users of low budget smartphones face this issue, and when an application stops, people just close it but it needs to be force closed sometimes because it keeps running in the background so in this article I am going to give a step by step guide on how you can force close the applications I your smartphone.

People just close the application from the multitasking window which does not closes the application properly and just solves the lagging issue temporarily. But force closing closes it completely and solves the issue completely if it has any.

How to Force Stop Apps on Android Phones

WARNING: Force closing the applications may crash the applications, they may need to be updated or installed again.

Steps to force close the application:

1: Unlock the device by entering the password if you have applied any.

2: Open the menu bar.

3: Search for the settings and open it, it will be machine shaped icon. You can also open settings from the notification bar.

4: When opened, search for the option ‘’Applications’’. When found click and open it.

5: All the pre-installed, and the applications you installed are now in front of you, which-ever app you want to disable / force stop, just click on the application.

force stop application

6: On the top of the window opened, there will be an option saying ‘’ Force Stop ‘’. Click that.

7: This will force close the application and it will be removed from the multitasking window as well, you will need to start it up by clicking on the application again.

force stop application

Congratulations, now you know how to force close the application.

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This Video tutorial will guide you that how you can force stop application on android smart phones.

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This will force close your application and stop the application from running in the background, if the program / application have any kind of small error, it will be removed by the following force stop procedure given above. But sometimes force closing the application also crashes it in such a way, that you have to install it again or update it afterwards.

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This is a very sensitive process because force closing the application is just like the shutting a computer down by pulling the cord which will erase everything if you haven’t saved your work. So make sure that you were not doing some important work on the application as if you were it will all be lost because this can also crash the application.

If you have any questions regarding this article or about the procedure, then leave a comment below asking your question in the comments section and we will reply as soon as possible.


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