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How to Get Emoticons on Samsung Galaxy S2?

Emoticons are way of expressing your while messaging with someone. Emojis have become a major part of messaging, these days if someone has not installed emojis on their phone, the person chatting with them feels lonely. Emoticons makes a person excited, even sometimes emoticons become the reason of laughing. Using emoticons is very useful; you can make someone smile from them which are really awesome. In this article we are going to describe how you can get emoticons on your Samsung galaxy s2, just follow the instructions below and you will be able to install the emoticons on your device:

Steps to get Emojis on Samsung Galaxy S2?

There are two types of emoticons:

1: Pre-installed in your device

2: Which you will have to install yourself from Play-Store.

Pre-installed ones:

First you will have to unlock your smartphone and click on menu bar, search for the settings and if you have found it then click on it which will open the settings of the entire smartphone.

The settings application is shaped like a machine which is controlling everything (Just to make easy for you to find), now search for they “Keyboard”, when found, and click on it which will open the keyboard settings.

Inside the settings you need to search for “Keyboard Type”, when found click on it and it will open the layers of keyboards.

From those, you can search for the pre-installed emoticons and select the one layer you like and click on apply which may restart your phone so the emoticons are applied properly on the keyboard layer.

Install new ones:

For this purpose, make sure that you are connected to the internet because if not, then you will not be able to download the new emoticons as they need internet to download. First connect to the internet then open Play Store and search “ Emoticons” or “EMOJIS” in the search bar, when search results come up, make sure that you download the first one that pops up in the first position because only the first one is famous and best as it has most of the good remarks.

Download it and then install it on your smartphone. Then open the app and click on Enable which will enable the emoticons on your smartphone.

Now you need to go into settings and search for the keyboard option, when found click on it and it will open keyboard settings, now click on the “Keyboard Type”, now click on the layer which will open up the options from which you can select the emoticon keyboard you like, just click on the keyboard type which you just downloaded and it will be enabled, your device may restart and after that your new keyboard with emoticons you chose would be applied.

Leave a comment below about what you like more, the pre-installed ones or the ones you download yourself and tell us if this was helpful for you.


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