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How to Hack Whatsapp without QR Code

This article is being written for the sole purpose of hacking the Whatsapp account because these days many people either want to or have the need to hack someone’s Whatsapp account which is not good but if you really want to then follow the instructions below which will help you hack someone’s account as hacking a Whatsapp account is not an easy purpose so make sure that you follow the instructions accordingly as you will not be able to properly hack someone’s WHATSAPP if you do something tiny bit wrong.

WARNING: We Are Not Responsible for Anything That Might Happen to Your Account or to You Because This Is a Serious Case as Hacking Someone’s Private Account Can Cause a Lot of Trouble Too, Do This at Your Own Risk. We Are Not to Be Held Responsible for Anything That Might Happen Afterwards.

How to Hack Whatsapp without QR Code

Requirements to Hack Whatsapp Account

1: You need to download a Fake text message application because it is needed in this procedure, and make sure that you download the proper one as many of the applications rated best on play store are fake and when you download these application, you just get a lot of ads and nothing else. If this happen you will have to download some other application again so make sure to find the right one so that you don’t have to download some other application again after some time.

2: Make sure that you are upgraded and have the latest android software installed on your device, because latest software will work a lot faster than the one’s before the latest one.


Steps to Hack the Whatsapp Account withour QR Code

1: Save the victim’s phone number in your smart-phone as it is necessary.

2: Download the application “FAKE MESSAGE APPLICATION” and install it, make sure that you download this one, or else it will not work.

3: When you make a Whatsapp account, you get a verification code, copy any of the old verification code text that you had in you SMS application.

4: The fake text application that you installed in the step 2, open it and paste the verification code SMS that you just copied in the section below.

5: Click on the upper section, where you have to enter the number and select the victim’s number.

6: Now you will have to set the time. Set the timer in such a way t it arrives just when you apply for the verification code on the Whatsapp application so that the Whatsapp app takes that verification code as the new one.

7: Select ok which will create the Fake message application now and it will arrive on the time selected.

8: Now open the application and go for the registration procedure, when the Fake SMS appears, the Whatsapp application will itself take that verification code.

Whatsapp Account Hack in 5 Minutes

Congratulations you have successfully hacked the victim’s Whatsapp account.

If you have any questions regarding this procedure or about this article then leave a comment below and we will try to reply as soon as possible.


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