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How to Lock Apps in Android Smart Phones?

Security is very important these days; everyone likes privacy in their lives as of these days. This article is also about the privacy in your smartphone, we are describing here that how you can lock the applications in your android smartphones, because factory settings of the smartphone does not allow this and only lets you lock the main menu and if one can crack that code, he/she can enter into the applications and break that privacy so we are going to describe today how you can lock the applications in your smartphone.


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Follow the steps below to Lock Applications of Android

1: Unlock the device and open the menu bar.

2: When opened, search for play store and open this application.

3: Make sure that you are connected to the Wi-Fi.

4: Search ‘’Application Lock’’ or ‘’Application Security’’.

5: Install the first one that appears, because majority if the time the first one is the best one as the most downloaded one appears on the first option.

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6: Download the application and install it afterwards.

7: After installing it, run the application.

8: Enter the passcode that you want to apply to the applications.

9: It will again ask you to enter the passcode, enter it again.

10: It will ask you to enter some security questions and answer of your choice so that if you even forget your passcode, you can recover it by entering the answers to the questions you selected.

11: It will also ask you to type in the hint for the passcode which can be viewed if you forget your passcode; enter the hint which can only hint you about the passcode but not others for security reasons.

11: After entering the questions, it will ask you to select the applications on which you want to apply the passcode. Select the applications and press OK.

12: It will again ask you to verify the passcode, enter the digit code or text code, whichever you have applied to the applications, Press OK.

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Video that will Guide you How to Lock Apps with Full Secuity

‘’Read this article carefully and also read the instructions of the application lock carefully, because if you forget the passcode but remember the security questions, it is easy for you to change it but if you forget the security answers as well, then you have busted yourself because you cannot continue to enter the application, so think well before applying this application password’’.

Congratulations, you have locked your selected applications and now you need to enter the password before you can go inside them.

If you have any questions regarding this article, then leave a comment below and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible by us.


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