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How to Move Apps to SD Card in Android?

In this article, we are going to provide you with a simple amount of knowledge, this article will guide you how you can transfer the applications (apps) and games from the internal memory to the SD card. This needs to be happened when there is no more storage available in the internal memory. The purpose of this article is to let the people know how they can save up memory on the internal memory.


Move Apps to SD Card in Android?

My experience: I also use an android device; in the beginning I did not know anything about it. There came a time when my internal memory was full and I did not know what to do now. I thought that I may have to buy a new phone because of this storage issue, but I came to know that I can transfer the applications and data to the SD card. A few days back I performed the procedure of transferring the application, so the purpose of this article is that many people don’t know how to do simple things like myself, so read this article carefully before going through with the procedure. Even if you transfer the application and the application data on the SD card, I would still advice that you save the data somewhere else too because the memory card can stop working at some point too and if that happens you will lose everything.

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Follow the steps below to Transfer your Data to SD Card

1: Unlock the smartphone, if locked with a password or code.

2: Open menu bar.

How to Move Apps to SD Card in Android?

3: Search for settings which will have a machine shaped icon.

4: Open the settings, and search for applications option.

5: When found, click on it and Click on the application that you want to transfer.

6: Make sure that the SD card is mounted and it has no issues in running. The SD card should be working properly, if ejected during the transfer it may get affected.

7: When the application you want to transfer is opened, scroll down and there will be an option saying ‘’Move to SD’’.

8: Click on this option and the application will transfer to memory card. All of its data will be transferred with it too which means you can clear up some space on the internal memory with this feature.

Video Tutorial to learn How to Move Apps to SD Card

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Now you have learnt how you can transfer the applications, make sure that the card is not too old, or the chip of the memory card may stop working at some point and when there is data on the card and it stops working, it will be big loss for you. Make sure that the application data is saved somewhere else top for safety purposes.

Leave a comment below telling us about your experience by following these instructions for clearing up space on your internal memory.


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