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How to Play Pokémon GO without Moving

What is Pokémon GO?

Pokémon GO is a reality game which is based on TV serial names POKEMON. This game has been a major hit since past few months, all you have to do is walk around with the Smartphone in your hand and you have to catch the Pokémon’s by one and one. Pokémon’s are crated as fictional creatures which are like animals with different kind of names. You will have to catch them and it will give you points and power with which you can do other things or make in-app purchases later.

How to Play Pokémon GO without Moving

In this article we are going to describe how you can play POKEMON GO without moving, as it requires moving and walking around because to catch the Pokémon’s you have to walk around and find them first, they are placed at different real life locations. Many people search for something which will allow them to play this reality based game without walking around as walking in real life just for a game is pretty crazy as well as tiring.

Requirements to Play Pokémon GO without Moving

First of all you will have to make sure that the device you are using has the ability to run the game properly because sometimes people follow these steps and requirements then find out that their device is not even capable of running the game so check that out before you go any further.

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You will have to download a bunch of applications which are as following:

1: POKEMON GO location Spoofer Free, from here:

2: FGL PRO, from here:

3: POKEMON GO Fake GPS Joystick and Routes GO, from here:

These are must have application if you want to play your game without moving, these are the trending most applications for this purpose right now. These all are easily available on the play store and the links to the download page of play store are also given.

What is Fake GPS proofing?

This application hacks the POKEMON GO in such a way that it thinks that you are walking around, which will allow you to play the game and walk it around without actually moving. There are many features in this application which are listed below:

1: Boomerang Feature: You will not have to move yourself now, just click on the location where you want to be and you will be there without any kind of moving in reality.

2: There’s a joystick on the screen play with which you can easily move around without actually moving.

3: There is Change Update Interval, Speed Altitude, Accuracy and spoofing and much more.

4: You can also Change your location to your original location afterwards if you want to.

5: If you know the exact location of a Pokémon which you want to catch, you can also type in the longitudes and latitudes of that location and you will directly reach the location of that Pokémon without even walking yourself for that Pokémon.

6: You can also choose starting and end points of the route.

7: You will not have to root your device for all the options, non-rooted devices can also work with these applications.

How to setup Pokémon GO Fake GPS hack on android?

1: Download all the above applications and install them on your android device.

2: Activate the DEVELOPER OPTIONS, by just tapping the build number which is under about phone in settings more than 4-5 times and you will enable the Developer options.

3: Open settings, and go to developer options, select MOCK LOCATION APP and select the application which is Fake GPS route.

4: Now you will have to change the accuracy of your application and select it to the highest by selecting the GPS mode to High accuracy.

5: Now you will have to enable the GPS of your device and launch the Fake GPS routes.

6: Open the settings of the Fake GPS application and enable the Non-Root mode and also enable the Joystick by scrolling down. It will help you in moving the person without moving yourself.

7: From where ever you want to start, point the RED button towards it and the game will start.

8: To make sure that everything is in order, you can check the FAKE GPS application notification in the notification panel. Open the Google maps and check if your current location is being showed right, if according to the Fake GPS it is being shown right then your Fake GPS application is working right, if not then re-install it and make amendments in the settings to place everything I order.

9: Now open the Pokémon GO and see if you are at the desired location which is the location you set in the Fake GPS application.

10: If you have not enabled the JOYSTOCK then enable that from the settings because without the JOYSTICK you will not be able to move around in the game without actually moving, so enable that.

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Precautions while changing the Locations:

1: When you have completed a stage make sure that you clear the data and launch the application again or it will stop working or the app will lag a lot, it needs a reboot before the Fake gps can actually set your location in the next stage.

2: Select the Location mode to Device only.

3: Running fast cannot get you that much Pokémon’s so select the speed of the application to slow or slower so that you can easily check out the Pokémon’s and catch them without any difficulties.

4: If you are getting the ‘’GPS SIGNAL LOST’’ then close the application and re-launch it because sometimes it needs to restart as there might come some bug which disturbs the signal process.

5: Do not change the locations again and again which means too frequently because changing the location after every achievement will disturb you as the app may crash after every new location, so set it up once.

If you have any questions regarding this article hen leave a comment below and we hope you understood how you can play the game without any movement in the real life.


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