How to Root Alcatel Idol 4?

Here in this article you can learn that how to Root Alcatel Idol 4 easily with the help of kingo root application from your windows PC computer. Once you get rooting access on your Alcatel Idol 4, you are able to install custom tweaks which are pretty helpful in our daily lives. Rooting is a pretty easy task but you have to get a lot of courage to do this as this is always risky but also helpful when you are done with it, if you ask about from the people who have rooted their devices they will let you know that it is helping them a lot in their daily lives but if you ask from the ones who have yet not done it, they will tell you not to do it as this is risky but I literally advice you guys out there who are reading this article to follow the steps below and root their devices.

Requirements to Root Alcatel Idol 4

1: Make a complete backup as it is for safety reasons because if you have a backup of your data available on your computer you will do this process to your Alcatel Idol 4 freely without thinking that if you lose the device you will lose the data too.

2: Charge your battery to the full cell, or at least to the 50 percent mark minimum because rooting is a time-taking process and if your Alcatel Idol 4 android smart phone turns off during this procedure, you will lose it all and you won’t be able to recover the device.

3: Disable or deactivate the security programs because they do not let you start process for security reasons as rooting is illegal because it voids your warranty. These security software’s also keep disturbing you by notifying you about the illegal act you are doing.

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Steps to Root Alcatel Idol 4 Smart Phone

1: Download and install ‘’Kingo Root’’ on your computer by this link. Just make sure that you download and install the latest version of it because only the latest version of every software is bug free.

2: Enable the developer options on your Alcatel Idol 4 android smart phone by tapping on the build number under about phone more than 5 times.

3: Enable USB debugging mode from the developer options.

USB Debugging

4: Then Turn your Alcatel Idol 4 android smart phone off and load it into recovery mode by pressing and holding the Power button, Home button and Volume up button.

6: Run the Kingo-Root application and click on ROOT.

This will start the procedure and once started it will take some time because rooting is a heavy process. Be patient and wait for a while as this could take a lot of time. Your Alcatel Idol 4 android smart phone will also restart a few times so don’t be afraid if it happens. It will restart one last time when done.

Download Kingo Root

7: When restarted the last time your device will be rooted, download and install ‘’ROOT CHECKER’’ from play store.

8: It will let you know that if your Alcatel Idol 4 android smart phone has been rooted or not, because if not then redo the whole process again and it will get rooting access for your device.

Congratulations, your Alcatel Idol 4 android smart phone has been rooted.

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