How to Root Blu Studio G

I am going to show you the way of rooting your Blu Studio G smartphone today as I have been using this smartphone for quite a while now and I always wanted to root this device, finally I came to know how to do so, so why not share with the public about your experience. I was able to rooting my Blu Studio G device without any issue with the following procedure.

Warning: You could brick your device as this is a risky task, if something goes wrong, you could simply brick the device which will be very awful for you if that happens, so be careful while rooting your device.

How to Root Blu Studio G?


Simple Guide to Root Blu Studio G

  1. Make sure that you have charged your Blu Studio G properly and it is above the 50 percent charging level, as the rooting takes time and could take more time for your device than usual so charge your device well before going through with the procedure.
  2. Make a complete backup of your Blu Studio G on your computer or somewhere where it is perfectly safe, because data is very important for everyone and if you lose that device means nothing to some people.
  3. Enable the Developer options of your Blu Studio G by tapping on the build number more than 5 times under about phone in settings. After enabling the option you can avail many features from this option.
  4. Enable USB Debugging Mode by going in to the developer option that you just enabled in the previous step and tick marking the USB debugging option,
  5. Connect your phone to the computer by using an original USB cable and not the cheap or fake ones because they do not work right and disconnect the link in-between the procedure which is very annoying when that happens, so make sure that the cable is genuine and not faulty.
  6. Download and install KingRoot application on your computer by the following link the latest version of it.
    Download KingRoot
    When installed run the application and make sure that you downloaded the latest version of the application because only the latest versions are bug free and most updated.
  7. Disable the antivirus programs as they interrupt by notifying you again and again for the harmful malware.  Antivirus programs consider the rooting programs as harmful for the Blu Studio G which is true but still rooting a device brings out its best version possible.
  8. Run the application and click on ‘’One Click’’ which will start the procedure.

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Once done, your Blu Studio G will restart and after restarting your device will be rooted.

If you want to make sure that your device is rooted or not, download ‘’Root-Checker’’ from the play store and it will check and tell you if your Blu Studio G is rooted or not because if not you need to repeat the steps again and run the KingRoot program again on your device.

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Let us know about your experience with Blu Studio G rooting in the comments section below.


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