How to Root BLU Vivo XL

There are many ways of rooting your BLU Vivo XL android smart phone, but in this article we are going to provide you with the proper yet most easy task to get rooting access to your BLU Vivo XL mobile phone through kingoroot application without PC or computer, with all the steps and precautions, you will be out of risk but still this is a risky task so DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK, If you lose your device we are not to be held responsible for it because we can do nothing about it so think properly before going through with this.

Requirements to Root BLU Vivo XL

Follow these precautions properly to not lose your device.

How to Root BLU Vivo XL

1: Make sure that your BLU Vivo XL is 70 to 80 percent charged because rooting takes a lot o time and if the device turns off during the process due to low battery life, you could lose your device as it will be bricked and there is no solution for the bricked device. Mostly people have to buy a new device if their old devices are bricked, so be careful.

2: Make sure that you make a complete backup of your BLU Vivo XL because even if you lose your device as if it gets bricked, you would still be able to recover the data because it will be saved where you placed your backup. Most safe place to make a backup is your personal computer because no one will touch it and it will be saved until you open it for recovery.

3: You will have to enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES from the Settings to download the applications for the rooting; otherwise the files won’t be downloaded because without enabling this feature the system does not allow the files to be downloaded from outside of play store.

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Steps to Root BLU Vivo XL through KingoRoot

1: Download the APK of rooting application, KingoRoot by searching on the Google or download this application from this link > Download KingoRoot. Make sure that you download the latest version of it because only the latest versions are bug free and they are updated so you won’t get any issue using them

2: When installed on your device, run the application and click on ROOT DEVICE which will start the procedure of rooting and within some time your BLU Vivo XL will be rooted. Make sure that you do not use your device for some other purpose and you have followed all the precautions so that there will be no blockage in rooting process.

3: When rooted, It will show a message saying, ROOTED SUCCESSFUL. It means that you have successfully rooted your device.

4: Download Root-Checker from the play store and run it, it will let you know properly weather your device has been rooted or not, if not then follow every step again to rooting your BLU Vivo XL properly.

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Leave a comment below telling us about your experience with this process, also if you have any issues regarding this article do let us know in the comments section. Questions will be answered as soon as possible.


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