How to Root CoolPad Catalyst without PC

In this article we are going to provide you with a complete guide on how you can root your CoolPad Catalyst without PC. Many people want to get rooting access to their devices because rooting a smart phone makes it more powerful and gives you may more features with which a device can be modified. It modifies your android smart phone in such a way that you can download a bunch of tweaks and change the way how your phone look. You can absolutely change the way your display looks like. Tweaks you download are very easy to use.

Precautions before you start with the procedure of Rooting CoolPad Catalyst

 How to Root CoolPad Catalyst without PC

1: Make sure that you make a complete backup of your CoolPad Catalyst as it is necessary for the safety of your data because sometimes you can lose your device without any reason and it gets bricked which has no solution unless you buy a new CoolPad Catalyst or see a good legitimate authorized mechanic. So make sure that you make a complete backup of your device on your computer.

2: You will have to also make sure that your CoolPad Catalyst is properly charged because if the device dies out which means shuts down due to battery life, you will lose your device so make sure that your device is at least charged above the usual 60 percent level before starting the procedure.

3: Make sure that you use an original USB cable for connecting the CoolPad Catalyst to the computer and for transferring data because faulty cables can lose the link in between and you could lose what you were transferring so make sure that you use an original cable as it is very important.

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Steps to Root your CoolPad Catalyst

1:  Download KingoRoot from the following link> Download KingoRoot, and install the apk file on your device as you do not need a computer in this process.

2: When installed, Run the application and it will ask you to start the rooting process, after following all the precautions, you can just click on that and it will start the process.

3: Before installing it might ask you to enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES which you can do from the settings.

4: When completed, it will give you the message of rooting successful. Which will mean that your CoolPad Catalyst has successfully been rooted.

5: Download the ROOT CHECKER application from the play store to check whether the device has successfully been rooted or not.

If rooted then enjoy the rooted CoolPad Catalyst smart phone, and install the tweaks and make your device look like you always wanted. Make it more powerful than the stock one.

Me sure that you followed all the precautions and followed every step because if anything goes wrong we are not to be held responsible for it.


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