How to Root HTC Desire 510 without PC

Hello guys, today in this tutorial post we are going to tell you that how you can easily root your HTC desire 510 android smart phone without PC or computer through the kingoroot application and you can download the kingoroot application here. Rooting an android smart phone is a pretty risky task as you can lose the device while rooting because sometimes rooting the device bricks it which means that your smart phone is no longer available for use. Once bricked, your device can never be repaired or if you are very lucky some very good mechanic might solve your issue.

In this article we are going to describe how you can easily root your HTC Desire 510 by following some of the simple steps. Just follow the precautions and the steps below and your android smart phone will be rooted in no time.

Precautions to Root HTC Desire 510 without PC

These precautions must be followed In order for the safe root to happen.

1: Make sure that your HTC Desire 510 android smart phone is charged above the usual 60 percent level as if the device turns off due to low battery life while rooting, then you might lose your device because if your device is rooting itself, and the device shuts down all the data that is used for rooting purpose gets lost in somewhere between so be careful and charge your device well before starting the rooting process.

2: Make sure that you make a complete backup of your HTC Desire 510 because even if you lose your device you can always recover the data into some other device because the one that is bricked cannot be placed in the working process again. So make sure that you make a complete backup of your HTC Desire 510 for your own safety.

USB Debugging

3: Enable USB debugging mode from the settings, by following this path; SETTINGS-> DEVELOPER OPTIONS-> USB DEBUGGING. Now some people does not have Developer options enabled in their smartphones, to do that you will have to tap on the build number more than 5 times which will automatically enable the developer options.

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Steps to Root HTC Desire 510 without PC

Follow these steps to properly root your HTC Desire 510:

1: Download the rooting software called KingoRoot by searching on Google or download it from this link. Make sure that you download the latest version because only the latest version is bug free and work fine.

Kingo Root Apllication Tool

2: Install it on your computer and run it.

3: Connect your smartphone to the computer, and make sure that you connect your smartphone using an original USB DATA cable because the fake ones are faulty and disconnect in between which means that you could lose your device. So only do this method of rooting with the original data cable so that you don’t have any complain afterwards.

4: Run the software and click on start rooting which will start the rooting process, now you will have to wait for a while as rooting takes a lot of time.

When the root process is complete, it will show the message of ROOT SUCCESSFUL.

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