HTC One X9 without PC Rooting Method Step by Step

HTC One X9 is an admired smart phone of Android which lunched with the most attractive and dreamed LCD Touch screen of 5.5 display. The remarkable operating system on android V6.0 along with 3 GB RAM as well as 2.2 GHz Octa-core Processor. Many Mobile Companies are always trying to lunch the most desirable smart phone for their users and clients.

Today here we have a nice and useful topic for all those people who have HTC One X9 and they are facing the problem in the operating system or any other miss happening and they want to root their smart phone without using PC so here we are going to guide all users step by step method below. Remember that our method of Rooting does not require any PC or laptop; you have to just install custom ROM firmware.

How to Root HTC One X9


Before rooting HTC One X9 you have to make it sure that the warranty may finish and this process can also harm your smart phone by your any mistake. Think twice before starting this process of rooting….

Basic Requirements:

  • You have to turn off all antivirus applications in your HTC One X9 because it cannot interrupt during the procedure of rooting.
  • You have to make sure about it that your smart phone is full of charge or 50% to 60% because Low charging cannot complete this process.
  • The method we are providing here is totally safe and will not harm or damage your smart phone data but for your personal safety you have to make a backup before starting this process.
  • Final one you have to turn on USB Debugging Mode in your HTC One X9. If you don’t know how to turn it on so just follow the method (Setting> Developer> Options> USB Debugging) and click on the enable button. If the smart phone does not have this setting then follow this one (Settings> About Phone> Build Number) just click the button for 5 to 7 times and it will automatically turn on.

Step by Step Method to Root HTC One X9 without PC

  • To start the final rooting process you have to first Download tr.apk file from your browser by typing; when the page open you will see lambda symbol in it you have to just click on it to download. Remember that it will give you caution message but ignore all and just download.
  • When the download of tr.apk file complete click on it to install an app of towelroot in your HTC One X9. Remember that during the installation you will again warn by a message of bypass android system security. Ignore all the interruptions and just install the app in your smart phone.
  • When the installations successful then click on it to open towelroot in your HTC One X9 and get start the rooting final Process. You will see on the screen a white button written on it (Make it Run) just click on it. After clicking this button the process of rooting will start in your smart phone and it will take some time so be passions. When the process finish your smart phone will automatically reboot and your smart phone is rooted successfully.
  • If you want to confirm your rooting process that done or not just install root checker from Google Play store; install it in your device and then make it sure that your HTC One X9 is successfully rooted.

We are trying to provide the best and very easy way to our users beside this if you are facing any problem in your smart phone so share it with us in the comments box below; we will give you the useful solutions.


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