How to Root HTC U11 without PC

Hello guys, in this tutorial we are going to guide you that how you can easily Root your HTC U11 android smart phone device without PC. Rooting a smart phone is always a pretty task so follow this guide because in this guide we are gang to show you the proper way of rooting your device as there are many ways but if you follow this guide you will not have any faults that might come after rooting your android smart phone. Although still it is a pretty risky task so you will have to do this at your own risk, we are not responsible for anything that might happen to your device. Follow the precautions first because they are important.

Precautions to Root HTC U11

How to Root HTC U11 without PC

1: Make sure that you make a complete backup of your HTC U11 on your computer or some other device which is safe because even if you lose your device for some reason you could still recover your data, so make a complete backup of your HTC U11 on your computer. Make sure you follow these precautions as this is very important.

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2: Make sure that your HTC U11 is charged above the usual 60 percent charging level, because this is a risky task and if your device shuts down during the process, you could lose your device as the device bricks itself if the rooting data which is very important for the rooting process is lost during the process which will cost you a lot, even sometimes people have to buy a new Smartphone after it is bricked.

3: Make sure that you use an original data cable while connecting your HTC U11 to the computer because only genuine cables work right as the fake and local ones are faulty because they disconnect while the link has been created between the computer and the device which is your Smartphone. So make sure that you use an original USB cable while rooting your device.

4: You will have to enable the USB debugging mode before you connect your HTC U11 to the computer, and you can do that by following this path SETTINGS-> DEVELOPER OPTIONS-> USB DEBUGGING.

USB Debugging

5: Enable Developer options by clicking on the build number under the about phone in settings several times.

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Steps to Root HTC U11 through KingoRoot

1: First of all you will have to download the Rooting application from the following site, Download KingoRoot App, and install it on your desktop of your computer.

2: Connect your device to the computer by using an original USB cable as told in the Precautions.

3: Launch the KingoRoot application and it will show that your device is connected, if not then you will have to download the USB drivers of your device so do that by searching on the Google for them.

4: Click on ROOT which will start the rooting procedure and wait for a while, do not use your phone as it is a risky task so let it just root your device.

5: If succeeded, it will show a message saying, Successfully Rooted.

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Enjoy your rooted device.

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