How to Root Lenovo A680

Hello guys, in this tutorial post you will learn that How to Root Lenovo A680 android smartphone mobile with the help of SRS tool. Lenovo A680 comes was launched in May 2014. It comes with a 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor which is a Cortex-A7. It has 4GB internal storage and 1GB of RAM. The screen size is 5.0 inches and it is a capacitive touch screen. It has a 5MP primary camera and a VGA secondary camera. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh which is a Li-Po battery.

how to root lenovo a680

As the specification of the device are not that high and is a low level phone, so by rooting this you can make it much more powerful than a stock one. Follow the step by step guide to root your device:

Warning: Rooting a device voids its warranty, So DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!’

Requirements to Root Lenovo A680

  • Before getting started make sure you make a complete backup of your data on your computer for the safe side as if something goes wrong at least your data will be saved.
  • Also make sure that you phone is charged above 50 percent as rooting a device takes a lot of time and the Lenovo A680 should be charged enough that it does not turn off during the procedure or you will have a dead/bricked device.
  • Enable USB debugging mode on by first turning Developer option ON by tapping on build number several times in  about phone under settings. Once this is done, enable USB debugging on by following this path, SETTINGS-> DEVELOPER OPTIONS-> USB DEBUGGING.
  • Download Lenovo USB drivers on your computer from the following site > Download Lenovo A680 USB Drivers, and make sure you download the latest version of them. Once downloaded install them on your computer.
  • Deactivate all the antivirus programs on your computer and on your smartphone as it interrupts the procedure.

Once you are finished with these requirements then follow the steps below:

How to Root Lenovo A680 Step by Step

  1. Download SRS ROOT from the following site, Download SRS Rooting Tool, once downloaded click on the exe file and install it by going through the setup.
  2. Once installed click on the icon and open SRS ROOT.
  3. Connect your Lenovo A680 to your computer with an original data cable and make sure it’s not faulty as if it does not work absolutely fine then it will disconnect in between the process and you will have yourself a bricked device.
  4. Click on ‘’Root device (All Methods)’’ for the rooting process to begin.
  5. If the step 4 does not work, then click on the ‘’Root Device (Smartphone)’’.
  6. It will take some time for the rooting process. Be patient. Once it’s done you will get a ‘’success’’ message. Unplug your Lenovo A680 and reboot it.
  7. You have successfully rooted your device, Download Root Checker for the confirmation of you device that is rooted or not, if not then go through all the process again except the first one that is making a backup, don’t do that since you have already made one.

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If you have any complaints or any questions regarding rooting Lenovo A680 then ask them in the comments section.


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