How to Root LG Stylo 2

I am writing this article on how to root LG stylo 2 as many people use this famous android smartphone, one being myself and want to get rooting access the phone. While I was trying to rooting my smartphone, I came up with many of the ways of rooting it. I will guide you by giving a step by step guide on how to root your smartphone, just follow the steps and you will have yourself a rooted device. Be careful while doing so as rooting a device is a risky task and takes a lot of time.

Follow the steps given below to Root LG Stylo 2

How to Root LG Stylo 2

1: Charge your smartphone up to minimum 50 percent of charging level as it is important for the battery to be charged because if the smartphone shuts down during the process of rooting due to low battery, you could just lose your phone because it will get bricked.

2: Make a complete backup of your LG Stylo 2 and make sure that you save that backup on your PC for future use because if the LG Stylo 2 gets bricked, your data will be safe as the backup is for precautionary purposes.

3: Enable USB debugging mode by following this path, SETTINGS, DEVELOPER OPTIONS, USB DEBUGGING. If you are not able to find developer options then you will have to first enable them by tapping on the build number 5-7 times and that will enable the developer options for you.

4: Download the USB drivers from this site, Download USB Drivers, or any other site you like. Install them on your computer.

5: Deactivate all the antivirus programs from your computer and your Phone because they interrupt the procedure of rooting and with those turned on you will keep getting the notification of ‘’Harmful Malware detected’’ which is very annoying.

6: Download the SRS rooting tool from the following site and install this on your computer,  Download SRS Rooting Tool.

srs root download

7: After installing it, run the application and connect your LG Stylo 2 with an original USB cable because fake and cheap ones do not work right and disconnect in between the process.

8: Click on ‘’Root device (All methods)’’ which will start the rooting process.

9: After the process is complete your LG Stylo 2 will restart and let it restart, when restarted your LG Stylo 2 android smart phone will be rooted.

Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your LG Stylo 2 android smart phone.

Download and install ‘’RootChecker’’ from play store and run the application, it will let you know whether your LG Stylo 2 android smart phone is rooted or not, if not then you can go through the whole procedure once again to root your device properly.

How to Unroot LG Stylo 2

If for some reason you want to get rooting your LG Stylo 2 android smart phone because sometimes when you want to claim the warranty, you will have to un-root it; for doing that, run the SRS tool and click on Un-root after connecting your phone to the computer by using an original USB cable.

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