How to Root LG V30 without PC

Welcome guys, here in this post you will learn that how you can root your LG V30 android smart phone without computer or PC so this article is being written to teach the readers how LG V30 be rooted. Rooting is a major task which can either destroy your device or make it even better than the stock one.

It modifies your LG V30 in such a way that you can download a bunch of tweaks and change the way how your device look. You can absolutely change the way your display looks like. Tweaks you download are very easy to use. So follow the instructions below to root your LG V30 properly and make sure you follow every step since this is a very risky task.

Precautions to Root LG V30

How to Root LG V30

1: Make sure that your LG V30 android smart phone is charged above the 60 percent charging level, because this is a pretty risky task and f your device turns off during the process, you could lose your device as the device bricks itself if the data is lost during the process which will cost you a lot, even sometimes people have to buy a new Smartphone after it is bricked.

2: Make sure that you make a complete backup of your LG V30 android smart phone because even if you lose your device for some reason you could still recover your data, so make a complete backup of your device on your computer.

3: Make sure that you use an original data cable while connecting your LG V30 to the computer because only genuine cables work right as the fake and local ones are faulty because they disconnect while the link has been created between the computer and the device which is your Smartphone. So make sure that you use an original USB cable while rooting your device.

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Steps to Root LG V30

1: Download the rooting file called from here, and place it in home folder of your smart phone.

2: Turn your LG V30 android smart phone off, and boot it into TWRP recovery, search on Google on how you can install the TWRP recovery on your Smartphone.

3: Click on install and find out the Magisk file on your smart phone, when found click on install and it will be installed on your device, then click on flash and run the magisk file which will flash your device with the rooting file.

4: Once the Process of flashing is complete, you will see the option of reboot option, click on that and it will reboot your smart phone which will now boot into a rooted recovery which will mean that your LG V30 is now a rooted device.

If you have any questions regarding this article then leave a comment below and we will try to reply you with an answer to your question as soon as possible.

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Do let us know about your experience with the rooting guide of LG V30 android smart phone, tell us if you rooted your device successfully or not so we can make amendments in the rooting guide.


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